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“To achieve great dreams there must be a GREAT struggle.”

China established GUN Control in 1935. From 1948 to 1952, 20 Million political dissidents, unable to defend themselves, were rounded up and Exterminated.


China's commander-in-chief has ordered the military command overseeing the South China Sea to prepare for WAR

The Great Debate: Are the United States and China Incompatible?

The Thucydides Trap: Are the U.S. and China Headed for War?  

Xi Jinping Orders Military to ‘Enhance Combat Readiness’ After U.S. Travel Warning

COMMUNIST Chinese President Xi Jinping orders army to prepare for WAR

Top U.S. Admiral warns fleet on Russia, China: ‘Be ready to fight NOW’

WW3 WARNING Planet closer to catastrophic World War III than at any time for SIXTY years

China Travel Advisory

DF-17: China's Newly Tested Ballistic Missile Armed With a Hypersonic Glide Vehicle

Pentagon report says China pulling AHEAD of U.S. in key weapons technologies

China just tested a hypersonic weapon the US can’t defend against

China Just Launched a Hypersonic Aircraft That Could Slip a Nuke Past US Defenses

John Bolton: China ‘Very Dangerous, Very Aggressive’ in South China Sea

Russia, China, and the US are in a hypersonic weapons arms race

Mattis Slams ‘China’s Militarization of Artificial Features’ in South China Sea

China tests 4,563mph hypersonic aircraft that can fire ‘UNSTOPPABLE’ nukes

Pentagon: Chinese Military Units Training With ASAT missiles

Pearl Harbor 2? China 'has prepared for a preemptive strike against US military bases

Chinese Military Official Urges Government to Attack US Navy

Awakening a sleeping lion: The US-China Cold War is upon us

Pentagon: China’s army ‘likely training for strikes’ against US targets

Can China Beat the U.S. Without a Fight?

Chinese paper says China should prepare for military action over Taiwan

China Builds New Unidentified Structure in Disputed S China Sea

Chinese Government Cyber Espionage

Chinese Hackers Breach U.S. Navy Contractors

US B-52s fly near contested islands amid China tensions

The Big Hack: How CHINA Used a Tiny Chip to Infiltrate U.S. Companies

Telecom Company Uncovers Further Evidence of Chinese Hardware Hack

Cyber Espionage and the Theft of U.S. Intellectual Property and Technology

How CHINA squeezes tech secrets from U.S. companies


Trump to world leaders: China out to meddle in 2018 election

U.S. Lawmakers Want China’s Confucius Institutes to Register as Foreign Agents


At least 10,000 people KILLED in 1989 Tiananmen Square MASSACRE, secret British cable states

As CHINA aims for 'world-class army', Asia starts to worry

China Lands Heavy Bombers on South China Sea Island

Chinese Officials Are Reportedly Burning Bibles And Crosses, Forcing Christians To Renounce Their Faith

Why China wants North Korea to be a nuclear threat

Fatal delusions of Western man--CHINA: We fed tiger, and created monster...

China’s blunt warning to America: ‘We’re ready for repeat of Korean War or Vietnam if U.S. military stirs up any conflict in South China Sea’

Intel Chiefs Sound Alarm on China Threat

China: Taiwan Independence a ‘Dead End,’ Warns of Reunification by Force

China is unleashing killer robots and stealth drones that carry out targeted airstrikes without a human pressing the fire button

FBI Director: Chinese Espionage ‘Most Significant’ Spy Threat Facing US

China fires SIX WARNINGS to US Navy in South China Sea ‘This is China...LEAVE IMMEDIATELY’

China’s Secret Strategy Exposed Beijing Plots to Surpass U.S

Chinese warship came within 45 yards of USS Decatur in South China Sea: US

U.S. Military Warns of Threat From Chinese-Run Space Station in Argentina

China Increases Naval Patrols Around Taiwan to Challenge U.S. Navy

'The China dream': New era of Chinese power in which country
is "mighty force"

Inside China’s Plan for a Military That Can Counter U.S.

China Lands Probe on the ‘Dark Side’ of the Moon

Top Commander: China ‘Eroding’ U.S. Military Advantage in Asia

Grassroots Movement to Quit Chinese Communist Party

Details Surface About Sen. Feinstein And The Chinese Spy Who Worked For Her

US Navy vs Chinese Navy (PLAN) - Strategy & Numbers (2014-2017)

China Is ‘Arming Faster than Hitler Was Arming in the Thirties’

China plans to launch a series of satellites to monitor 'every reef and ship' in real time in South China Sea

Pentagon: China ‘Likely’ Training Bomber Pilots to Hit American Targets

Satellite Images Reveal China Is Building Secret War Bunkers Near Indian Border

Chinese warship came within 45 yards of USS Decatur in South China Sea

China Driving Armed Drone Use in Middle East

China to Celebrate ‘Great Man’ Karl Marx’s 200th Birthday

DEMOCRAT SEN Dianne Feinstein’s Ties To COMMUNIST China Go Way Deeper Than An Alleged Office SPY

China Accused Of "Huge Hack" Of Thousands Of European Diplomatic Cables

Coincidence? Feinstein Employed Chinese Spy For 20 Years as Her Husband Raked in Millions in Chinese Business

DEMOCRAT Feinstein’s Chinese Spy Identified — ‘Russell Lowe’ — Was OFFICE MANAGER Not just a Driver — Feinstein Aide for 20 YEARS!

CHINA Murdered or Imprisoned 20 CIA Operatives and Sources While Feinstein Had a Chinese SPY as Office Manager

China: Muslim Torture Camps Are Necessary ‘Education Centers’

Japan Cites "Severity And Uncertainty" Of China Threat In Seeking Aircraft Carriers

Belt and Road Helps China Expand Militarily

Big data meets Big Brother as China moves to RATE its citizens

Another Chinese Spy in Our Midst?

Twitter Users in China Face Detention and Threats in New Beijing Crackdown

Ten Chinese Agents Charged with Hacking Aviation Companies

China’s 2018 economic growth sinks to 3-decade low

U.S. Charges State-Owned ‘China 2025’ Tech Company and Others with Economic Espionage

Chinese National Arrested for Stealing Apple’s Trade Secrets

Confucius Institutes: Do they improve U.S.-China ties or harbor spies?

China Looks to Secure Space Superpower Status With Earth-Orbiting Power Plants

China ranks citizens with a social credit system - here's what you can do wrong and how you can be punished

China has started ranking citizens with a creepy 'social credit' system — here's what you can do wrong, and the embarrassing, demeaning ways they can punish you

Chinese Lunar New Year 2019: Year of the PIG

China bans the letter 'N' and George Orwell's Animal Farm & 1984 as "President" Xi JinPing extends grip on power for LIFE

Why China banned a ton of words

China Sentences Prominent Rights Lawyer to More Than 4 Years in Prison for Subversion



China Bans Winnie the Pooh (and the Movie Too); Plus: Spiderman and Christina Aguilera

China censors Winnie the Pooh social media posts amid Xi criticism
COMMUNIST China Spends More on Domestic Security as Xi’s Powers Grow the POLICE STATE

Is China The Role Model For Technocratic Dictatorship?

China Freezes Couple’s Bank Account as Punishment for Illegal Third Child

China Exports its Restrictive Internet Policies to Dozens of Countries--NO FREE SPEECH

China Silencing Chinese Criticizing Socialism in Venezuela on Social Media

China Censors U.S. Constitutional Law Textbook to Purge ‘Western Influence’-FORGET LIBERTY

China: No Wind Or Solar If It Can't Beat Coal On Price

Xi Enters G-20 Dinner with Trump with a Weak Hand

China’s New Strategy for Tech Domination: China Standards 2035

Chinese Spies Charged With Trying to Steal US Jet Engine Technology

The screws tighten on China

China THEFTS  of U.S. technology secrets

China Stole Data From Western Countries by Intercepting Internet Traffic

China Bans 10,000 People from Social Media for ‘Harmful Political Information’

Beijing Debuts Plan to Monitor Behavior of Every Resident by End of 2020

COMMUNIST Chinese police shut down 1,100 social media accounts

Children Kidnapped by the State, Put in Xinjiang’s State-Run ‘Orphanages’

Meet Xi Jinping, President For Life

Xi Jinping’s Strongman Rule Comes Under Fire as China Celebrates Deng’s Reforms

The world is descending into tyranny

Chinese President Xi warns party of ‘serious dangers’

Fewest Births Since Mao's Great Famine...

China's economy lowest pace in 28 years

To understand why China's slowdown is looking so ugly, you've got to look at what happened to Chinese consumers

Beijing’s Censorship Push Failing as Xi Jinping’s Incompetence Becomes Focus of Protests

Cracks may be starting to show in Xi Jinping's absolute rule over China due to Trump's trade war

Trade Tensions Take a Toll on China’s Economy

Chinese Scientist Helps Create World’s First Genetically MODIFIED Babies

'President for life' Xi watches China's biggest EVER naval exercise

Now with power to long rule China, Xi beset by challenges

10 Facts About Google’s Censored ‘Project Dragonfly’ Chinese Search Engine

POOH OFF Winnie the Pooh film banned in China after the country’s miserable leader Xi Jinping was compared to the dopey bear

China to ban citizens with bad 'social credit' rating from taking flights or using trains for up to a year

Cardinal Joseph Zen: In China There Is No Truth, ‘Everything Is Fake’

Chinese Hackers Steal Financial Data of U.S. Corporations to Gain Competitive Advantage

China's satellite sends unbreakable cipher from space

Pentagon Confirms Chinese Fired Lasers at U.S. Pilots

Chinese Communist Party Is Engaging in a Violent Crackdown on Religion

Chinese Hacked Hillary's Email Server

China Secretly Placing Military Scientists in Western Universities

China's out-of-control space station may crash to Earth within a month--could hit Detroit

Top U.S. General Warns China Pulling Ahead on Artificial Intelligence Research

China Is ‘Building Communism’ in America with Technology, Finance

Beijing Threatens ‘Necessary Steps’ Against Philippine Ships in South China Sea

Google Employees Fear Human Rights Violations over China Censorship Plan

Will the free-falling 8.5 ton Chinese space station crash into lower Michigan?

China’s NUCLEAR MISSILE Subs Are Ready

China’s Trillion Dollar Gamble: The New Silk Road

The US and China are in a quantum arms race that will transform warfare

China Denies Stealing U.S. Stealth Technology

Chinese Spies May Have Taken F-117 Wreckage

China stealth fighter jet, J-20, based off downed U.S. F-117 Nighthawk technology

US Air Force F-117 Nighthawk plane discovered in China

UK Govt Voices ‘Grave’ Security Concerns Over China’s Huawei Being Involved in 5G Networks

When Chinese hackers declared war on the rest of us

Canadian Sentenced to Death in China

China's African debt-trap: Beijing prepares to seize Kenya's port of Mombasa

Top Chinese officials forced to carry out self-criticisms

China Is a Dangerous Rival, and America Should Treat It Like One

China Pulls Bibles from Online Bookstores in Crackdown on Christianity

WHO ARE THE REAL COMMUNISTS? US Democrat Party Proposes Higher Personal and Business Tax Rates Than Communist China

China's stocks are plunging again — falling 3% to near 4-year lows as trade jitters return

Google Suppresses Memo Revealing Plans to Closely Track Search Users in COMMUNIST China--TRACK CHRISTIANS

Google China Prototype Links Searches to Phone Numbers

Senior Google Scientist Resigns Over “Forfeiture of Our Values” in COMMUNIST China

China shuts thousands of websites to CONTROL FREE SPEECH

China's new submarine engine is poised to revolutionize underwater warfare

China's new ballistic missile submarine could change its prospects in nuclear war

US Navy collisions stoke CHINA cyber threat concerns

China’s Navy Will Be Double the Size of U.S. Navy by 2030

China thinks it can defeat America in battle

Light war: space-based lasers among Beijing’s high-tech arms

Map shows changes in how much aid China provides to the Pacific region

Chinese theft of sensitive US military technology is still a 'huge problem,' says defense analyst

Google works with COMMUNIST CHINA on a  prototype to link web searches to phone numbers to TRACK EVERYONE

Socialism kills: Cannibalism and torture in Mao Zedong’s China

China says it's ready if US ‘stirs up any conflict’ in South China Sea

China To Start Tracking Cars, Adding To Its Already Vast Surveillance Arsenal

Ecuador ****************

China shuts down Christian churches, confiscates Bibles, terrorizes worshippers...



Why China is building islands in the South China Sea

China’s 30-year deadline to rule the world


The Reunion: a new science-fiction story about surveillance in China


China Bans Internet News


China Has Accessed Private Emails of Top Obama Administration Officials Since 2010

Pacific Commander: China Heading Toward Operational, Tactical Control of Major U.S. Trade Route

Hacks of OPM databases compromised 22.1 million people

China Launching Cyber Attacks on Missile Defense Nets ‘Every Day’

Chinese breach data of 4 million federal workers

'The trouble with socialism is that eventually you run out of other people's money'

Pentagon Concerned by Chinese Anti-Ship Missile Firing

China Dramatically Increases Nuclear Weapons Testing Under Xi Jinping

OPM Hack Far Deeper Than Publicly Acknowledged, Went Undetected For More Than A Year

How Scammers in China Manipulate Amazon

ONI Reveals Massive Chinese Naval Buildup

China submarines outnumber U.S. fleet

‘PREPARING FOR WAR’ China sends massive navy for South China Sea war games after President Xi Jinping vowed to wage ‘bloody battle’ for WORLD DOMINATION

China restructures military as Xi eyes 'strong army'

China's Space Prowess

China's Geography Problem

‘We Have to Understand That China Inc. Is a Criminal Enterprise’

China is buying up American companies

Chinese smartphones cited by intelligence as security risk sold on US bases

China is using fentanyl in a chemical war against America

Chief U.S. Spy Catcher Says China Using LinkedIn to Recruit American

Sweeping change in China's military points to more firepower

The Coming Economic Disaster, and the Last Chance to Avert It

Chinese Submarine Practiced Missile Attack on USS Reagan

China risks stand-off with US after building anti-aircraft guns on controversial man-made islands

China warns U.S. surveillance plane

Forced Disappearances, Brutality, and Communist China's Politics of Fear

China sends missiles to contested South China Sea island

China is advancing toward its goal of establishing administrative control over much of the South China Sea

Pentagon Warns of Chinese Arms Dominance

Feds acknowledge hack of government computers affected 21 million

China Tests ICBM With Multiple Warheads

China confirms new generation long range missiles

U.S. electrical grid hacked repeatedly over past decade

Chinese Brags Our Warships Rival U.S. Navy

China’s J-20 stealth fighter jet ready

China set to parade its ‘carrier-killer’ missile

China is building its first military base in Africa

China Defies Obama’s Slow Asia Pivot With Rapid Military Buildup

China Secretly Conducts Second Flight Test Of New Ultra High-Speed Missile

Military Losing Technological Superiority to China

China builds world’s fastest supercomputer without U.S. chips

Chinese Cyber Attack Could Shut Down U.S. Electric Power Grid

China ups military spend by 12 %

Coincidence? Feinstein Employed Chinese SPY For 20 Years as Her Husband Raked in Millions in Chinese Business

China Conducts Flight Test of New Mobile ICBM

U.S. Pilots Injured by Chinese Lasers

China’s Three Missile Submarines a ‘Concern’

Chinese state-owned firm contracts to print foreign currencies as country seeks to expand global reach and influence

EMPEROR XI, LIL KIM meet ahead of Trump meeting

Chinese Jet Threatened U.S. Intelligence Aircraft

Space Force Is Crucial Defense Against China’s Attempts to ‘Cripple’ U.S. Satellite Infrastructure

China encroaching on U.S. military dominance in Pacific

New Bomber Can Nuke US Military Bases

CIA on Chinese cyberspying

China's surveillance state spreads

China denies claims a million Muslim Uighurs held in internment camps

Chinese Combat Ships Operate Near Alaskan Coast As Obama Explores Wilderness

Chinese Military Using Jamming Against U.S. Drones

Five Chinese Navy Ships Are Operating in Bering Sea off Alaska

China Increasing Spanish, Portuguese Language Study to Expand Latin America Influence

Kenya Drowning in Chinese Debt

NSA Pinpoints China’s Cyber attacks

Chinese Police Arrest Underground Bishop Faithful to Rome

Russia resumes advanced weapons sales to China

China has conducted a 'war'—not trade—with steel

The global steel industry by the numbers CHINA MAKES 50%

China Churns Out Half The World's Steel, And Other Steelmakers Feel Pinched

“The Chinese Are Dumping Steel At Unthinkable Prices”

It's time to defend ourselves from China's war against American steel

China Passes Mexico as the Top Source of New U.S. Immigrants

Chinese hacking into National Inventory of Dams database

Companies, Universities Hire Chinese Researchers, Ignore National Security Worries

Chinese Military Developing New Scram jet-Powered Hypersonic Missile

China should plan to take Taiwan by force

China to Deploy Subs that Could Nuke Alaska or Hawaii

Hawaiian Independence Movement Attracts Chinese Interest

China Reveals New Carrier Jet

Don’t Give China an Atlantic Base IN THE AZORES

New details of Chinese space weapons revealed

China Pushes to Rewrite Rules of Global Internet

Chinese HACK data of 4 million federal workers UNDER OBAMA

Chinese Military Capable of Jamming U.S. Communications System

China hacked the FDIC - and US officials covered it up

China Stock Market Rocked by Forced Sellers; Yuan Hits Fresh LOW

Communist China Forces 100-Plus Christians into ‘Mind-Transformation Centers’

‘Patriotic’ Chinese Bishop Says Religion Must Be Subordinate to Communist Government

Chinese Pastors Ordered to Post Signs on Churches Forbidding Entry to Minors

U.S.Trade Deficit Is Underwriting China’s Military and Infrastructure Buildup

China is going to mine the Moon for helium-3 clean  fusion fuel

Chinese anti-satellite weapons are the 'new reality' and warns ALL US satellites are at risk


China completes world's largest amphibious aircraft

China creates air defense zone over Japan-controlled islands

China's 'island fortresses': Surveillance photos reveal how the communist country has built a belt of military installations across the South China Sea

The rising power of China will create new political fissures in the west

Beijing is completely dominating the South China Sea

7 charts show why Beijing won't give up its South China Sea claims without a fight

China has been upgrading its military and is now stronger than ever

China to unleash AI nuclear submarine able to ‘destroy continents’ without HUMAN control

China has commissioned its newest guided-missile destroyer

China is becoming a space superpower, just like the U.S.

Communist propaganda welcome -- for right price..Beijing Billion-Dollar Infiltration of US Classrooms...

S&P Lowers China’s Credit Rating

‘One Belt One Road’ Created Major Chinese Immigration Mess in Kenya

China Launches ‘Belt and Road’ Research Center in Egypt

China Signs Agreement to Assist Nigeria Against Boko Haram

China to Scrap Two-Term Limit, Paving Way for One-Man Rule

Emperor Xi Jinping? China Moves to Scrap Presidential Terms

China drowns out critics of lifetime Xi presidency--THOUGHT POLICE

Critics silenced ahead of China’s move to end Xi term limits

Apple spying fears as iCloud data moved to China

Chinese Apple engineer busted at San Jose airport trying to 'flee with secret files on tech giant's automated car plans'

Fury after China reverses 25-year-old tiger bone and rhino horn ban
6 Christian Communities that Can’t Practice Their Religion Freely This Easter

The only chart you need to see to know that the South China Sea is one of the most militarized regions in the world

How China wins the South China Sea war without firing a shot

The South China Sea will be the battleground of the future

China is trying to 'win without fighting': US military 'kept up at night' by Beijing's open checkbook and global expansion, while spies fear American universities are being infiltrated

China’s Intelligence Networks in United States Include 25,000 Spies

China is still executing more people than the rest of the world combined

U.S. sends China millions in foreign aid despite $1.3 trillion debt

Chinese Firms Want to Control Areas Around Panama Canal

Mapped: The world's most (and least) free countries

Chinese police arrest 15,000 for Internet crimes

China Works to Block U.S. Missile Defense Deployment

Military Satellites Vulnerable to Attack in Future Space War

Russia and China vie to beat the US in the trillion-dollar race to control the Arctic

China quietly installed defensive missile systems on strategic Spratly Islands in hotly contested South China Sea

How China's plan to develop rental housing backfired

A lady vanishes: In China, a movie star disappears amid culture crackdown

China promotes anti-Trump book

Dominican Republic Moves into China’s Orbit After $3 Billion Payoff

China to Lend Venezuela’s Maduro Regime $5 Billion amid Economic Meltdown

China Joins Russia for Massive War game as Xi Meets with Puti

China launches high-tech bird drones to SPY on citizens

Drones, facial recognition, Tracking Apps and a social credit system: 10 ways China 
SPYS on its citizens

Details Surface About Chinese Spy Who Worked For Sen. Feinstein Chair of the Senate Intelligence Committee

Inside a Heist of American Chip Designs, as China Bids for Tech Power

China’s Technology Ambitions Could Upset the Global Trade Order

Trump’s Deputies Eye Plan to Block Chinese Tech Theft

Chinese Weapons Spotted on Disputed Island

Will you surrender to tyranny or will you stand against it?


N. Korea willing to denuclearize if security guaranteed

The grim reality of human organ harvesting in China GOVERNMENT CONTROLLED HEALTHCARE

America’s Top Threats in Space Are Lasers and Nukes

Chinese professors among 6 charged with economic espionage

U.S., China set for high-stakes rivalry in skies above South China Sea

China finishing South China Sea buildings that could house missiles

China’s plan for global network of surveillance satellites spurred

China may have compromised CIA communications: report

Internet the key front in China's battle with Western hostile forces

Chinese Fighters Violate Taiwanese, Korean And Japanese Airspace

China's Latest African Aspiration May Be Raising Eyebrows In The Pentagon

Beatings, Torture in Chinese Prisons

Intelligence officials fear China's global 'kidnapping' program has reached America

Is China rebooting a Cold War doomsday device? State-sponsored tests suggest officials are building a terrifying 'salted' nuclear bomb

China's latest fighter jets based on 4th GEN US military jets

As Biden and Kerry Went Soft on China, Sons Made Nuclear, Military Business Deals with Chinese Gov't


China's trillion dollar plan to dominate global trade

12 eerie photos of enormous Chinese GHOST cities completely empty of people

China, overrun by frustrated bachelors, tells women to settle for Mr. OK

China sperm bank demands loyalty to Communist Party



20+ Shocking Photos Showing How Bad Pollution In China Has Become

China's cities still choking on Smog

Inside Beijing's airpocalypse – a city made 'almost uninhabitable' by pollution

China pollution: 'It can be completely dark'

China is the world’s largest emitter of greenhouse gases

China Shuts Down Tens Of Thousands Of Factories In Unprecedented Pollution Crackdown

Ecuador faces a huge budget deficit because of loans it received from China

America ‘Doing Next To Nothing’ About China’s Growing Power

China is CONTROLLING EU: Shock warning China using financial clout to influence Brussels

China Seeks Influence in Europe, One Business Deal at a Time

China Seeking Larger Economic, Military Footprint in Middle East

China’s COMMUNIST PARTY growing influence confronts the world with secrecy

China's social credit system keeps a critical eye on everyday behavior

China denying passports to restrict critics, minorities

Hundreds of DOGS are butchered and sold at China's Dog Meat Festival

Beijing’s covert radio network airs China-friendly news

China poised to pass US as world’s leading economic power

Apple Removes VPN Apps in BOW to China Censors

Inside the brutal world of Chinese Internet addiction camps

Chinese Shippers Aiding North Korea

Will the free-falling 8.5 ton Chinese space station crash into lower Michigan?

China Has A $24 Trillion Problem And Is 'Extremely Vulnerable'

‘Green’ China Investing Massively in Fossil Fuel Power

China facing full-blown banking crisis, world's to
China’s New Ways to Track Citizens  for TOTAL Control

Can the Chinese government now get access to your Grindr GAY DATING  profile?

Actress Bai Ling confessed she was sexually abused by Chinese generals as a teen

The director of the FBI says the whole of Chinese society is a threat to the US

Chinese Billionaire Guo Wengui Plots Regime Change, Democracy in the Worlds Most Populated Country

Elderly Chinese Army Veterans Stage Massive Protest Against Police Beatings

From crawling through the snow to eating LIVE WORMS: Bizarre public humiliations in China

China’s Economic Growth Looks Strong. Maybe Too Strong

CHINESE GE Engineer Linked to China Stole Power Plant Technology

“Organic” Food From China Found To Be Highly Contaminated

The nation's top counterintelligence official say Chinese telecom firm ZTE could pose a national security risk to the United States--Backdoor Spying

Huawei and ZTE TracFone phones banned from U.S. military retail stores


Six U.S. intelligence agencies warn against using Huawei phones

COUNTERFEIT Fake eclipse glasses ‘can literally cook your retina’

Solar eclipse scams: Don’t get duped into buying fake glasses

China’s Latest Consumer Scandal: Unsafe Vaccines

Meet the U.S. Officials Who Now Lobby for China

Inside the Ring: China’s $360 Million Gift to Harvard

China Jails Man For Helping Public Use The Internet

American Professor Cites Academic Intolerance as Reason for Leaving China

Apple iCloud data in China now stored by state-owned company


Life Inside a Secret Chinese Bitcoin Mine

CHINA CONTROLS 70% of Bitcoin mining

Watch out for China winning its 100-year marathon


Why Germany Engaged in an Unwinable WWII



NORTH KOREA     redflagwarning.png

   Kim Jong Un, in North Korea DICTATOR





U.S. Prepares Timeline of ‘Specific Asks’ for North Korea

North Korea fires ICBM missile 'capable of reaching US' as Kim Jong-un threatens ALL-OUT WAR

North Korea threatens Guam

North Korea Claims Successful Hydrogen Bomb Test

North Korea has a created 60 miniaturized warhead for its ICBM missiles

N.Korea says new ICBM puts U.S. mainland within range of nuclear weapons

North Korea fires submarine-launched missile

‘Real Danger’ Of Nuclear N. Korea Is Potential Of Kim Selling Weapons To Terrorists

Bolton: Kim Jong-un Is Trying to ‘Divert Our Attention’ As He Races to Nuclear Finish Line

North Korea has Plague, Anthrax and Smallpox weapons that can wipe out tens of thousands

U.S. Military: North Korea an Immediate Threat Unlikely to Give Up Nuclear Weapons

North Korea is ‘mass producing biological weapons’ and could unleash smallpox, cholera, plague and anthrax on US troops

U.S. Pacific Command chief tells troops to be ready to 'fight tonight'

Korea Nuclear Test Furthers EMP Bomb Pyongyang reports 'EMP might' of nuclear arms

NK Electromagnetic pulse attack on Hawaii would devastate the state

North Korea's 'higher-level' nuclear test explosion

North Korea Produced Fuel for Seven More Nuclear Bombs

North Korea fires missile towards Japan

Russia helping North Korea skirt sanctions; Pyongyang getting close on missile

North Korea’s fearsome new nukes are capable of destroying a US naval base 6,000 miles away in CALIFORNIA

North Korea claims it could wipe out Manhattan with a hydrogen bomb

North Korea's 'No. 2' official on 10-day visit to Iran that may signal wider military ties

North Korea now making missile-ready nuclear weapons

North Korea-US tensions: seven potential scenarios

N. Korea threatens pre-emptive nuclear strike on South, US

North Korea Pursuing Biochemical Weapons That Could ‘Wipe Out All of Humanity’

North Korea fires ballistic missile into waters near Japan

Stories From Kim Jong Un’s Youth Offer Insight Into Dictator’s ‘Wild Temper’

North Korea is the number one threat to the US — Here’s what happens when they get ICBMs

North Korea launches three ballistic missiles

North Korea missiles 'drill for strike on US bases'

2 N. Korean satellites now orbit over U.S.

Kim Jong-un a ‘Cold-Blooded Killer Who Presides Over a Brutal Regime’

An EMP attack by North Korea could shut down the US power grid and kill '90% of all Americans' within a year

North Korea broadcasts 'coded message to sleeper agents' on radio, sparking fears of an attack

North Korean leader wants NUKES ready to FIRE

North Koreans ordered to produce impossible amount of human manure every day to help save agriculture

Kim Jong-un faces UN probe over 'Nazi-style atrocities' after starving, torturing and murdering his citizens

Kim Jong-un uses an anti-aircraft gun to execute one high-ranking official for SLEEPING in a meeting

North Korea claims to have nuclear warheads that can fit on missiles

North Korea fires missile over Japan

North Korea conducts BALLISTIC missile test

North Korea Panics the World,  "H-Bomb"

North Korea might be able to knock out electric power to millions of Americans

North Korean nuclear test 10 times more powerful than the Hiroshima bomb

North Korea secretly building nuclear submarine to deploy within 3 years

North Korea’s Military Capabilities

North Korea is even weirder — and more scary — than you know

Kim Jong-un ups the stakes with vow to make North Korea the 'world's strongest nuclear power'

Kim Jong-un is testing new warheads loaded with ANTHRAX for his intercontinental ballistic missiles

Japan will purchase long-range missiles deployed on fighter jets to counter North Korea threat after decades of pacifism

North Korea's political prisons are as bad as Nazi concentration camps, judge who survived Auschwitz

North Korean defector describes undergoing a forced abortion and the harrowing scenes as she watched prison dogs eat dead prisoners who had starved to death at her labor camp

North Korea and the Threat of Chemical Warfare

Surviving a North Korean prison camp

North Korea Missile Test: Best Response May Be Surprisingly Low-Tech

Child chain gangs of North Korea exposed, as kids as young as five forced to repair railways

N. Korea’s child slavery problem is even worse than imagined

North Korea executes 5 senior security officials

North Korea’s Chamber of Horrors: Oppression, Slavery, and Starvation

Why the killing of Kim Jong Un’s brother is a terrifying sign

Ohio tourist sentenced to 15 years hard labor in North Korea jail

Fears for Kim Jong Un’s wife after she vanishes from public

How North Korea Is Using Smartphones as Weapons of Mass Surveillance

North Korea's Darkest Secrets Documentary 2017

Kim Jong Nam assassination puts spotlight on North Korea’s chemical weapons

Kim Jong Nam was killed by toxic ‘weapon of mass destruction’

10 CRAZY Laws That Only Exist In NORTH KOREA

Never before seen real life footage inside of North Korea

North Korea’s use of VX in assassination shows a whole new crazy

North Korea 'planning to infect MILLIONS with Black Death PLAGUE'

North Korean Officials Raiding Homes for Food to Feed Army

North Korean Defector Tests Positive For Anthrax, Stoking Worries Of Chemical Weapons Manufacturing

Kim Jong Un bans Christmas, makes North Korea worship grandma

North Korea's Kim Dynasty Explained

Inside Kim’s secret train: North Korean leader lets the cameras in as he meets Chinese leader in bullet-proof carriage

North Korean Defector Honored By Trump Reveals What Struck Him Most About Life On The Outside


An ordinary day in North Korea

North Korea crashed missile into its own city during failed test

North Korea's Illicit Economy Includes Fake Viagra , DVDs and Smuggled Ivory

Damage to North Korea’s Nuclear Test Site Worse Than Previously Thought

North Korea Using Executions, Torture Against ‘Serious Threat’ of Christianity

Galaxy 8 or iPhone 8: Which Is Better Prepared for a North Korean EMP Attack?

North Korea Is Dodging Sanctions With a Secret Bitcoin Stash

Inside North Korea’s Hacker Army

North Korea’s stolen bitcoins now worth more than $80M

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Modern theory on nuclear EMP weapons agree that yields in the megaton range are not needed or even desired. Small fission-only weapons are best at producing the gamma radiation that creates the EMP itself. Large weapons have thick casings of uranium that absorb the gamma. The North Korean atomic tests that were initially thought to be partial duds are exactly the type of small bombs that make the best EMP weapons. In fact, a small atomic bomb weighing about 800 lbs could be carried by a helium balloon to a high enough altitude to wipe out the grid from Boston to Washington DC, a scary thought.  rpbajb