When Education is Replaced by Liberal Indoctrination                                                         




If You Can't Sell Your Hysteria to Adults, Try Kids









It takes considerable knowledge just to realize the extent of your own ignorance.
Thomas Sowell

On Dedication
One person with a belief is equal to a force of 99 who have only interests.
John Stuart Mill

On Education
Next in importance to freedom and justice is popular education, without which neither freedom nor justice can be permanently maintained.
James Garfield, 20th president of the United States

'Who controls the past, controls the future: who controls the present controls the past.'  Orwell 1984

“The most effective way to destroy people is to deny and obliterate their own understanding of their history.” George Orwell



 How to create a SOCIALIST state by RADICAL MARXIST COMMUNITY ORGANIZED Saul Alinsky: There are 8 levels of CONTROL that must be obtained before you are able to create a Socialist state. The first is the most important.

1) Healthcare — Control healthcare and you CONTROL the people
2) Poverty — Increase the Poverty level as high as possible, poor people are easier to CONTROL and will not fight back if you are providing everything for them to live.
3) Debt — Increase the debt to an unsustainable level. That way you are able to increase TAXES, and this will produce more poverty.
4) Gun Control — Remove the ability to defend themselves from the Government. That way you are able to create a POLICE STATE.
5) Welfare — Take CONTROL of every aspect of their lives (Food, Housing, and Income).
6) Education — Take CONTROL of what people read and listen to — take CONTROL of what children learn in school.
7) Religion — Remove the belief in the God from the Government and schools.
8) Class Warfare — Divide the people into the wealthy and the poor. This will cause more discontent and it will be easier to take (Tax) the wealthy with the support of the poor.



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The End of Education

The End of Education: Redefining the Value of School-BOOK

From Icon to Just a Con--Politics increasingly infected courses as competence eroded

OBAMA'S LEFT WING Social-Justice manifesto AGENDA made plain that race-based statistics must be of paramount importance in  
       student disciplinary policies

Results Are In: OBAMA Common Core Is Making American Kids Dumber

Universities Breed Anger, Ignorance, and Ingratitude---WOKE & BROKE

Democrat Lawmaker and Teamster President: ‘Chaos’ in Schools Since Obama-Era Discipline Policy, ‘No Accountability’ for
       Dangerous  Behavior

San Francisco School Board President Scraps Pledge of Allegiance

Killing Education: SATs to Add ‘Adversity Score’ to Address 'Wealth Disparity' in Results--NO MERIT

8th Grade Exam From 1912 Shows How Much Education Has Been Dumbed Down


Johnny can't read



Drag Queen: Get Children ‘Excited About Books that Explore Progressive Themes’

Public School Socialist Indoctrination Rapidly Increasing

‘Ideological Fascism’ Rampant on Campus

Schools should go back to teaching teens ‘Adulting 101’

Ignoring Parents' Pleas for Privacy, Chicago Area High School Prepares to Allow Boys Access to Girls' Locker Room

University of ALABAMA Dean Resigns Over Tweets Calling the American Flag a Symbol of Racism

California Students: SAT Test Discriminates Against Poor, Minorities & STUPID DUMB

1.5 Trillion Reasons Why the Kids’ Climate Strike Is Dishonest, Stupid, Pointless
Affirmative Action College Admissions Are Benefiting Foreigners, Hurting American-Born
UNDER OBAMA, AP World History course is dropping thousands of years of human events
It’s Now 1984 at the University of Michigan
U. of Michigan Turning Point USA Chapter President: University Doesn’t Protect Students
We’re Finally Seeing the Full Scope of Common Core’s Damage
How Leftist Ideology Ruins College Students
University of Texas TPUSA Member: Leftists Aren’t Interested in Conversation
The Campaign to Indoctrinate – not Educate — Students Against the West
Stunning Survey Shows Half Of Americans Don’t Know All First Amendment Freedoms
California Wants to Teach Your Kids That Capitalism Is Racist
California’s proposed new ethnic studies curriculum is jargon-filled and all-too-PC
California shows its extremism, attacking democracy and capitalism at the same time
Minding the Campus
Take Two Aspirin and Call Me by My Pronouns
University Students Need ‘Trigger Warning’ to Study Grimm’s Fairy Tales
Former Dean: Med School Is About Social Justice Not Treating Illnesses
Penn doctor says gun control, climate change don’t belong in med school; critics lash back
Corrupting Medical Education
Mary Grabar Exposes the Fake History That Turned a Generation against America
LGBT Indoctrination Pushed in Public Schools
Rescuing Our Kids from Public Schools
Marxist Ethnic Studies Curriculum Threatens to Engulf California Schools
Colorado State U. bans words ‘America,’ ‘Americans’
Marxist Ethnic Studies Curriculum Threatens to Engulf California Schools
Florida school massacre panel recommends arming teachers
'Your Past Is Terrible, and Your Future Is Terrible': What the Left Tells Young Americans
Ask Yourself ‘Why Am I Going to College, Not Where’
U. Michigan Slammed for Requiring Students to Cross Examine Each Other in Campus Rape Cases
The Death of Merit and the Race to Mediocrity in Our Increasingly Marxist Universities
LGBTQ AGENDA: kindergarten gender identity talks in sex education
UC Berkeley Will Host 10 Orientations Based on Race, Gender, Disability
Seattle School District Urges Teachers to Follow CAIR Guidelines on Blessing Muslim Students During Ramadan
University of North Texas Course Teaches Students About ‘Sexual Pleasure’ for Infants
Williams College Students Demand Censorship on Campus Because ‘Free Speech Harms’  SHALLOW SNOWFLAKES
Donald Trump Signs Executive Order to Defend Free Speech on Campus
Retaining students who lag in literacy pays off
We Teach Nothing, We Know Nothing—and That Could Cost the United States Everything
Nearly 100 percent of college’s political donations go to Democrats
Comeback: Study Shows Universities Denying Admission Based on Race
43 Percent of White Harvard Students Are Related to Alumni, Donors-LIKE TEDDY KENNEDY
Trans Crusade: Teacher Fired for Not Using Male Pronouns to Refer to Female Student
Parents: Here's a Calendar of LGBTQ Indoctrination Events Planned for Public Schools
The Un-American Education System in America
Non-Elite Universities Give Grads Upwards Mobility
Asians Fear College ‘Adversity Score’ Will Harm Their Admission Chances-NOT MERIT BASED
What Your Sons and Daughters Will Learn at University
A Typical High School Tells a Larger Story: Schools Are Now Dominated by the Feminist Agenda
How Diversity Hijacked History 101 and All the Humanities
AP U.S. History textbook calls Trump “racist,” questions his mental stability
The Elephant in the Classroom: Mass Immigration's Impact on Public Education
Estimated Cost of K-12 Public Education for Unaccompanied Alien Children
The Four Unspoken Rules for Getting Into College
Harvard University Will Remove Portraits of Former President to Make Students Happy--POLITICAL CORRECTNESS GOES
DC: Activist warns members of Congress on Islamic propaganda plaguing U.S. schools
Former Pimco CEO DOUG HODGE to plead guilty for $500,000 BRIBES in college admissions scandal,
NY City Diversity Committee Says Programs for Gifted Students Are 'Racist'
NYC DEMOCRAT School Plan Would Eliminate All Gifted Programs in New York City
Illinois Governor Mandates LGBT History Curriculum for Public Schools
Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis Issues Executive Order to ELIMINATE COMMON CORE
USC Students Demand Prof’s Firing After He Defends Due Process
University of Michigan Sued Over Unfair Speech Code
Confucius Institutes: Do they improve U.S.-China ties or harbor SPIES?
University of Michigan is hiring a PC police officer
From Icon to Just a Con
The Top U.S. Colleges--WSJ RANKING
Colleges That Prioritize Internships
Calls for Oversight on China’s Influence on American Colleges
How a Mormon housewife sold America the big speed-reading scam
Most Americans Reject Race-based College Admissions
Berkeley Law School Dean Says Trump’s Free Speech Executive Order is Unconstitutional
Columbia University Seminar to Promote ‘Inclusive Grading’
Malia, Michelle, Barack and the College Admissions Scandal
Disabling the SAT
NYC students can graduate without attending school in absence policy loophole
Michigan State University Student Government Demands Non-Citizens, Minors Vote in Elections
Spoiled Students Insist Uber-LEFT WING, ELITE Sarah Lawrence College Is Racist Because Tuition Is Expensive
Sarah Lawrence Students Demand Free Fabric Softener To Combat Racism
Nation’s Report Card: ‘No Progress in Either Mathematics or Reading Performance’ in OBAMA Decade
GRANDMOTHER Alarmed Over “Indoctrination” At School’s ‘Arab Heritage Month’
House Democrats Introduce Planned Parenthood-Centered Sex Ed Bills
UNION College President Argues Against Free Speech on Campus
Leftist Historian Howard Zinn Lied About Christopher Columbus
Howard Zinn lied about Christopher Columbus. Here’s how.
High School Assignment Forces Kids to Disclose Sexual Orientation, Reveals Massive Political Agenda
Wake Forest University Hosts Segregated ‘Listening Sessions’ to Advance ‘Inclusiveness’
Two Universities in Florida Hosting ‘Drag Queen Story Hours’ in Their Libraries
UC Berkeley Course Encourages Students to Share Stories of ‘Queer Experiences’ With Middle Schoolers
Left-wing activists trying to hijack kids’ minds with ‘ethnic studies’
37 percent of Americans can’t name any of the RIGHTS guaranteed by First Amendment
Obama's Policies Leave Schools Violent! How Will America's Teachers Hold Him Responsible?
Elite college cheating scheme, authorities say
SUNY Women’s Studies: Milking Cows Is ‘Sexual Assault’
UCLA Hosts Pole Dancing Class
66% of Millennials Have NO Student Debt
Virginia Colleges Use Racial Considerations in Admissions Process
DEMOCRAT Wants 'Structural Change' to Keep Conservative Ideas Out of Schools--NO FREE SPEECH
Sex ed in CA will now include sexually explicit content on fisting, blood play, oral sex, more
SOCIALIST SAT to Add ‘Adversity Score’ That Rates Students’ Hardships--NO MORE ACADEMIC MERIT--JUST DIVERSITY AND
Liberal Hypocrites Use Their Privilege To Get Dumb Kids Into College
Wealthy parents, actresses, coaches, among those charged in massive college cheating admission scandal, federal prosecutors say
A slew of CEOs charged in college entrance cheating scam
9 of the Most WTF Details from the College Admissions Scandal Court Docs
The Real Cause of The American Revolution Your History Books Never Mentioned
Cheat. Bribe. Lie. Here's how the college admissions scam allegedly worked
WSJ: Colleges Encourage Low SAT Scorers to Apply – Only to Reject Them
For Sale: SAT-Takers’ Names. Colleges Buy Student Data and Boost Exclusivity-- feeding admissions frenzy
Harvard is failing its students by allowing them to live in a fantasy world
Third Of Teens Haven't Read A Book In The Past Year; Just 2% Read Daily Newspaper
Poll: 61% of Americans Believe School Children Should Recite Pledge of Allegiance
“The Naked Communist”....45 goals to destroy the United States of America
45 Communist Goals From The Naked Communist: VIDEO
University of Georgia: TA Who Said ‘White People Might Have to Die’ Did Not Violate Code of Conduct
75 American Colleges Offer Black-Only Graduation Ceremonies
Cal State Is Offering DUMB Freshmen Who Didn't Pass Remedial Math A Second Chance
High School AP History Book Questions Trump's Sanity, Calls Supporters Racists
Planned Parenthood Instructor Has Mother Arrested for Trying to Audit Pornographic Sex Ed Class
These Are The Undereducated Masses With A College Degree
Compulsory Indoctrination: In UK Schools, Boys Have Periods Too
Muslim Children Perform Anti-Israel School Play: ‘We Will Chop Off Their Heads’ to Liberate Al Aqsa Mosque and Jerusalem
Teachers’ Unions Oppose Bill That Would Make Sex with Students a Crime
George Washington University Tells Students to Avoid ‘Whitesplaining’
Student Govt. at USC Proposes Making Campus a Sanctuary for Illegal Immigrants
Kids In Primary School To Be Taught About Homosexual Relationships And Gender Reassignment
Liberal Prof Declares Meritocracy a Sign of White Supremacy -- openly pushing Communism
Molotov Cocktails, Banned Constitutions, Forced White Absence: The Worst Colleges For Free Speech
Beijing Billion-Dollar Infiltration of US Classrooms...Communist propaganda welcome -- for right price...
UMich students demand no-whites-allowed space to plot ‘social justice’ activism
Harvard University hosts anal sex workshop
U.S. Colleges Are Separating Into Winners and Losers
New law requires schools teach contributions of gay, transgender people: ‘It is past time children know the names of LGBTQ+ pioneers’
Report: Leftist Interest Groups Calling the Shots at Many American Universities
‘Elite Universities’ Are ‘Ultimate Sources’ of Political Correctness
Girl Scouts Celebrate Ocasio-Cortez, Andrew Cuomo, Michelle Obama, Jill Biden, Ruth Bader Ginsburg
Another Major University Disgraced In Fraudulent Global Warming Research
Cornell Adds ‘Diversity’ Courses to Graduation Requirements
University of Michigan Hosts PEDOPHILE ‘Pederastic’ Lecture on Sex Between Adult Men and Boys
Black Lives Matter Infiltrates Public Schools with Globalism, Diversity, ‘Queer-Affirming,’ Common Core
Universities should make people think, not spare them from discomfort
The Diversity Delusion: How Race and Gender Pandering Corrupt the University and Undermine Our Culture
Vast Majority of Top Colleges Deny Due Process in Sexual Misconduct Cases
Ohio State course reprimands white heterosexual masculinity
Sanctuary for Illegal Aliens and Persecution for Male Students in Our Universities
NC State Students Launch Satanism Club
College Is Dumb
Minnesota Parents Rally to ‘Protect Kids’ Against State-Mandated Planned Parenthood Sex Ed
American Kids Aren't Learning History Anymore. Here's Why That's a Problem
High School Textbook Questions Trump’s Mental Health, Calls Conservatives Racist
VICTORY! Parents Sue San Diego School District For Trying to Force Pro-Islam CAIR Propaganda On Their Kids – AND WIN!
Activists Take Over Colorado Education
Notre Dame Prof. Offers 21 Reasons Why Higher Ed Is ‘Bullsh*t’
How Our Education System Fails Most Students
Stanford Class Nixes The Term ‘Homosexual’ When Talking About Hepatitis Because It’s Too ‘Stigmatizing’
Stephens College Will Admit Some Trans Students
San Fran students make anti-Trump posters in class, teachers escort to protest
Mizzou official: Asking a smaller woman on a date violates Title IX
ALL Women Mount Holyoke wants to stop calling students ‘women’
Death of objective truth on campus is destroying higher education, university president says
What Obama and I Learned at Columbia Univ.: How to DESTROY America From Within
USC Allegedly Hiding Video Exonerating Expelled Student of Abuse Charge
The war against free speech on campus
Former Antifa Member: College Breeds Far-Left Radicals
School Officials Complain as Trump’s Migration Reforms Redirect Funds to American Children
Most colleges have speech policies that are vague enough to censor students
Massachusetts College SIMMONS  Lists Saying ‘God Bless You’ as a ‘Microaggression’
The End Of The First Amendment On Campus
Berkeley Confirms ‘Free Speech Week’ is Cancelled
Teachers in Childress, Shamrock ARMED and ready
Many Universities Allow Sexual Relationships Between Professors and Students
Williams College Offers Workshops So Faculty Can ‘Process Their Whiteness’
University of Michigan Professor Arrested for Sexual Assault
UMass Amherst restricts free speech to 1 hour during lunch
Do College Students Hate Free Speech?
U of MICHIGAN Students Condemn Free Speech
First Grade University
75 American Colleges Offer Black-Only SEGREGATED Graduation Ceremonies
Bill to Drop Common Core from Schools Heads to Alabama State Senate
Trump To Roll Back Obama-Era College Admissions Policy
University of Utah to Install ‘Cry Closet’ to Help Snowflake Students
DESPICABLE HIGH SCHOOL History Book Says Trump is Mentally Ill, Supporters are Racists
Trump Announces He Will Sign Executive Order Requiring Universities to Support Free Speech if They Want Federal Money
$773 Million Later, DEMOCRAT SOCIALIST de Blasio Ends Signature Initiative to Improve Failing Schools
DEMOCRAT De Blasio’s PINKO School Renewal Program Spirals to Failure
SHOCKED DAD FINDS Stunning Homework Question about a “Baby Daddy” and Revenge Sex
California College ‘Discontinues’ Pledge of Allegiance Because of ‘White Nationalism’
Sketch Mocks Expensive Higher Education Programs, Praises Trade School
ILLINOIS SENATORS Pushing New Plan to Indoctrinate Public School Students With the LGBT Agenda
PARENTS FIGHT BACK Against Graphic Sex-Ed in Public Schools, Here’s What They’re Doing
Florida Teacher Claims She Was Fired For Refusing To Give 50 Percent To Students Who Did Not Hand In Work
Liberal graduation speakers outnumber conservatives 12 to 1, study finds
Berkeley Students Want to Name Campus Building After Cop Killer
College Students 'Think Freedom is Not a Big Deal'
California Faces Backlash Over 'Blatantly Anti-Semitic' High School Curriculum
Alabama Legislature Bans ‘Free Speech Zones’ On College Campuses
Separate and Unequal: Harvard Hosts Graduation for Black Students Only
The Aboriginal Grievance Industry and the Demise of the University
Higher-Education Enrollment Is On the Decline
Texas State University Students Demand Censorship of TPUSA in the Name of ‘Free Speech’
NEW JERSEY STUDENT Rejected From National Honor Society Over Trump Quote
Report Criticizes Biased, ‘Inane’ College Courses, Including ‘Gender in Gaming,’ ‘Unsettling Whiteness’
Left’s Latest Insane and Cruel School Trend: Banning Best Friends
Social justice warriors want universities to 'ban veterans'
How School Districts Weaponize Child Protection Services Against Uncooperative Parents
Princeton’s Constitution Day Lecture Titled ‘F%*# Free Speech’
This is Not a Day Care. It’s a University!
Wisconsin Student Outraged Because Terrorism Course Discusses Jihad
Meritocracy is a ‘tool of whiteness,’
High School Mulls Spending $600,000 To Remove George Washington Murals Because They ‘Traumatize’ Students
George Washington University Students Vote to Kill ‘Colonials’ Nickname, Calling It ‘Offensive’
Florida Gulf Coast University to start of 'White Racism' class
Controversial ‘Problem of Whiteness’ course at UW-Madison
Dartmouth scholar endorses Antifa violence
Educators Allegedly Ordered To Favor Black Students over Whites for ‘Racial Equity’
DePaul University Blacklists Charlie Kirk and Candace Owens
Christine Blasey Ford nominated for UNC ‘Distinguished Alumna’ award for FALSE CHARGES
Oberlin promises 'safe spaces' for illegal immigrant students
A Third Of Millennials Aren’t Sure The Earth Is Round, Survey Finds
Higher Education - Ultra
Schools under fire for encouraging teachers to give students Ramadan greeting
6-Year-Old School Children Forced To Write Gay Love Letters To ‘Teach Diversity’
UCLA Hosts ‘Comparative Pornographies’ Conference
Scoring 30% on a test is enough to graduate high school in NYC
USC offers free 18-week training in social justice activism
University of Washington Sex Class Holds Porn Raffle
Georgetown Students Vote to Pay Annual Slavery Reparations Fee
Harvard says you should embrace kinky sex: Ivy league university treats students to a week of lessons on ‘BDSM in the dorm room’
School under fire for turning blind eye to female students’ FALSE sex assault allegations
Do We Need the Department of Education?
Air Force Leader Warns Personnel Not to Use Words 'Boy' and 'Girl'
Free Speech Dies in Berkeley
The Coddling of the American Mind: How Good Intentions and Bad Ideas Are Setting Up a Generation for Failure
How Hypocritical the Left is when it comes to Equality
2018 - The New Dark Age Mind
Teen Vogue Touts Prostitution as ‘Real Work’
University of Kansas to Offer Course on ‘Angry White Men’
DULUTH, Minnesota school district REMOVES To Kill a Mockingbird and The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn from the curriculum
33 percent of Americans were unable to name even one of the three branches of the U.S. government
Rocklin Parents Grill School Board Over Transgender Discussions In Kindergarten
How Common Core And Screen Overdoses Are Ruining American Kids’ Intelligence
Stanford University course to study ‘abolishing whiteness’
Kenyon College Starts 'Whiteness Group'
Conference teaches K-12 educators how to combat ‘whiteness in schools’
Nearly three-quarters of Americans say race should NOT be a factor in college admissions - and white people are most likely to oppose
     the practice
Michigan State Training: Avoid Trigger Words Like 'But' and 'I Apologize'
School district that forced girls to shower with boys can’t get out of Title IX lawsuit
Kellogg Community College curbs student's free speech with arrest
Middle School Students Shown 'Pro-Gay' Video During Class
New LEFT WING PROGRESSIVE think tank at Duke focused on ‘sexism, homophobia, gender bias and violence’
Make your own dildo event canceled at Michigan State
Williams College Students Boycott English Classes Teaching White Authors
ITT Tech campuses closed after Federal sanctions
U.S. Students Earn More A’s, But Drop in SAT Scores
Time to junk racial quotas in higher education
Drawing is the best way to learn, even if you’re no Leonardo da Vinci
Harvard University hosted an anal sex workshop for students
Princeton latest Ivy League school to host BDSM tutorials
University of Michigan Teaches Students How To Be Kinky, Engage in BDSM
37% of U.S. High School Seniors Prepared for College Math and Reading
Middlebury administrators apologize to students, pledge to try and prevent right-wing guest speakers
Williams College asks students not to invite speakers who ‘would offend minority students’  
White privilege lecture tells students white people ‘dangerous’ if they don’t see race
VA High School ISLAMIC Calligraphy Lesson: ‘There Is No God But Allah’
Berkeley Spent $600,000 in Security Expenses against  VIOLENT ANTIFA RIOTERS
Harvard University offering graduate course on FECES in twentieth and twenty-first century French literature
George Washington University HIRES convicted JIHAD TERRORIST as UNIVERSITY EXPERT
Islamic Indoctrination in American Schools
Common Core School Assignment FORCES Students to Make Islamic Prayer Rugs, Recite Muslim Prayers
University Guidebook Claims ‘Meritocracy’ is a Microaggression
Official ‘Bias Response’ Enforcers Stifle Michigan Universities
New Georgetown dean is an avowed supporter of Hezbollah TERRORISTS
High school with 76% grad rate only prepped 4% for college
From College Indoctrination to Corporate Intolerance
Stanford Fraternity Told to Take American Flag Down to ‘Improve Image’
Virginia Tech features 12 separate LGBTQ organizations
Diablo Valley College Professor tells students to violate U.S. laws, ‘destroy’ white democracy
The college scam: how Boomers betrayed Millennials
White Students a Minority at 23 UK Universities, as Unions Call for Mandatory ‘White Privilege’ Training
Salisbury University Professor Asks Students to Reflect on Their ‘White Privilege’
University Considers Removal of Bibles and Crosses from Chapel
First Day Of School, CA Teacher Hands Out Gender Identity Graphic To Middle Schoolers. Parents Are Furious
Trans Student Educational Resources is a youth-led organization dedicated to transforming the educational environment for trans and
       gender nonconforming students
Bucknell University To Host Antifa Leader Who Promotes Political Violence
To Defeat Campus Craziness Don’t Just Treat Symptoms, Cure the Disease
Harvard Has More Money Than Half of the World’s Countries
Portland Teachers’ Planner Inspired by a Communist Who Hated the USA
University of California-Santa Barbara: lessons including step-by-step instructions on how to master “deep-throating during oral sex.”
Social justice has invaded engineering curriculum
Parents Outraged After SoCal School District Approves New Sex Ed Curriculum For Middle School Including Instruction on ‘Gender
Schools Ordered to Teach Eight-Year-Olds That ‘Boys Can Have Periods Too’
‘Churchill in, Columbus still out’: Conservative scholars weigh in on AP European history
Rhodes Scholars accuse program of leftist bias, censoring conservative alumni
George Washington U Kills ‘Colonials’ Mascot After Students Offended
Chinese Communists Infiltrate British Universities, Confiscating Papers and Canceling Events
Clemson Prof. Calls for Human Extinction to Protect Environment
NEW JERSEY Reportedly Gave Tax Dollars To Illegals For College Tuition…10+ States Do This Too!
New Jersey Second State to Mandate ‘LGBT, Disability Inclusive’ School Curriculum
Blizzard of ‘Snowflakes’ Prove Political Correctness Is Killing Colleges
DEMOCRAT NYC’s ‘progress’ in cutting school suspensions comes at the expense of education
Feds Rule to Force High School Girls to Undress Next to Naked Boys Who Think They’re Girls
College Freshmen Asked to Wear Buttons for Preferred Gender Pronouns
China Secretly Placing Military Scientists in Western Universities--MUS with 14,000
Scripps College Hosts Event Defending FAILED SOCIALIST Venezuela’s Dictator Maduro
Federal Student Aid and the Law of Unintended Consequences
North Carolina schools ordered to STOP calli
ng students “Boys and Girls”
Dept. Of Education Issues Guide Urging Schools To Help Illegals Apply For Amnesty
Yes, people notice when the fascist left starts calling the campus shots
Has Political Correctness Gone off the Rails in America?
Abortion Videos In Class?

School District Caught Giving Muslim Students “Special Privileges” and Teaching Lessons on Ramadan
University of Michigan Sued Over Unfair Speech Code
More Than 2,000 People Fail North Carolina Math Exam To Become Licensed Teachers
What's oozing out of campuses is polluting society
Female student, sues her poetry professor ,she complained the course was too focused on lesbians, illicit sex, incest and swearing'
The Modern University Is Failing Students in Every Respect
‘Communism for Kids’ Book
Daughter Returns From School Hungry And Mother is Outraged
Western Kentucky U Sponsors Service Trips – but Not for Christian Groups
Amherst University's 'Common Language Guide' Is Orwellian
FREE Speech on Campus
most colleges and universities have speech codes and maintain bureaucracies charged with restricting speech on campus
Time to junk racial quotas in higher education
280 Percent Increase In Young Democratic Socialists Of America Chapters On College Campuses
39% of Top Liberal Arts Colleges Have No Republican Professors
Conference teaches K-12 educators how to combat ‘whiteness in schools’
Professor teaches students about ‘the problem that is whiteness’
Columbia University Will Host Six Different ‘Multicultural’ Graduation Ceremonies--Black, Latino, QUEER, Asian, Native
U OF Mich students demand no-whites-allowed space to plot ‘social justice’ activism
MSU bans dorm room white boards to stop hurtful words
Nation’s only all-male historically black college to start accepting transgender men
BDS Bully: U. Michigan Prof discriminates against student wanting to study in Israel
Black Lives Matter Agenda Coming to Classrooms in Omaha

LEFT WING AGENDA: Reversing Broward County's School-to-Prison Pipeline by NOT REPORTING CRIME
How Obama and Holder Changed Broward County Law Enforcement & SCHOOLS for Racial Reasons

Most college students think America invented slavery
An open letter to college crybabies from a CEO
These DEMOCRAT Senators Opposed Vouchers Backer Betsy DeVos But Send THEIR Kids To Fancy pants Private Schools
University of Michigan to invest $85 million in diversity programs and RAISES TUITION
DUMB ASS Professor Replaced After Insisting Australia Isn't a Country
Teachers Union Official: Call Students ‘Comrade’ Instead of Boys or Girls
Rollins College Christian student suspended after challenging Muslim prof’s claim that Jesus wasn’t crucified
Ted Cruz wallops anti-speech college crybullies
Educating Illegal Aliens and Their Children Costs L.A. Schools Hundreds of Millions Per Year
Many students ‘come into my classes with relatively little knowledge of U.S. history’
University of Wisconsin campus proposes elimination of majors such as English, history
Kaepernick, Chappelle Getting Harvard Black Culture Awards
Public College WASTE $158k Of Public Money To Rebut Public Study
University officials at FIVE SCHOOLS including Cornell and Yale agree to rip up Constitution for 'student'
     who called the document 'triggering' and 'oppressive'
Brown Students Whine: My Homework Is Interfering With My Social-Justice Activism
U. Michigan paper compares plight of US Muslims to that of interned Japanese-Americans
80% High School Grads Can't READ
Digital Crack
University Wants Your 4-Year-Olds To Touch Each Other And Watch Porn
The Cultural Breakdown
Hofstra University Students Demand Removal of Thomas Jefferson Statue
University of Colorado Denver Politics Course Removes White Authors from Curriculum--NO FEDERALIST PAPERS?
Graphic Sex Ed Class Under Fire
Uni that Banned Beef to "Fight" Climate Change Hosts ‘Communist University’
6 scandalous moments from Planned Parenthood sex-ed
Planned Parenthood SEX TAPES
How Planned Parenthood hooks kids on sex (WARNING: graphic material)
Kenyon College Adds ‘Diversity’ and ‘Inclusion’ to Tenure Guidelines for Professors
NC parent upset about PTA handout to 2nd Graders on white privilege
Harvard Socialists Demand School Sever Ties With Brett Kavanaugh
UC Berkeley Unveils New ‘Gender Neutral’ Locker Room
SAT scores drop, even as number of students getting A's rises
83 Groups Condemn Anti-Semitic Marxist Ethnic Studies Curriculum That Omits Jews
‘I was a teacher for 17 years, but I couldn’t read or write’
Evergreen State College Anti White Protest
Four Ways Parents Can 'Fill in the Blanks' When Schools Fail to Teach History
George Washington University Drops U.S. History Requirement — for History Majors!
Princeton course explores 'white identity politics' in 'Trumpland'
Have Smartphones Destroyed a Generation?
STUDY: Half Of Employers Don’t Think College Prepares Students For Work
Exposed:  NJ Teachers Union — Cover-Up of Child Abuse in Schools (VIDEO)
Universities Warned Growth of ‘Safe Spaces’ is Damaging Free Exchange of Ideas
NY City bars high schools from documenting pot, misconduct incidents
USC Professor Bans Students From Using The Phrase ‘ILLEGAL Immigrant’ On Exam
Military Academy Gives Cadets Coloring Books To De-stress
UC Davis student leaders say American flag display should be optional
DePauw Makes Graduation Benefits Contingent on Attending Left-Wing Indoctrination Lectures
University of Georgia professor has adopted a “stress reduction policy” that will allow students to select their own grades
Colleges across the country are assigning incoming freshmen mandatory reading materials that champion the views of the anti-Trump
      resistance movement
Harvard Holds First ‘UndocuGraduation’ Ceremony for Illegal Immigrants
Florida High School Facing Backlash After Sexually Explicit Homework Assignment
Parents Stage Walkout Over Planned Parenthood's Graphic, Violent Sex Ed in Public Schools
'Social justice warriors' are ruining engineering, MSU prof warns
Rediscovering America: A Quiz on the Revolutionary War
Duke freshmen to study oral sex novel and masturbation cartoons
NYU seeks prof to teach 'queer and transgender politics of race'
On Law Day, ABA Survey Reveals Gaps in Civic Literacy
4 in 10 millennials don't know 6 million Jews were killed in Holocaust
Enrollment drops at schools known for ‘social justice warfare’
Cal State University event highlights 14 ways ‘whiteness’ oppresses society
Wake Forest University hosts no-whites-allowed faculty and staff listening sessions — to promote inclusivity
Princeton students offered 6 gender identity options
Catholic Seton Hall University Plans Same-Sex “Marriage” Course for Students
Wellesley News: Free Speech Only Applies to Left-Wing Speech
The 9 most in-demand jobs that pay more than $100,000
Cornell to Spend $60 Million on Increasing Faculty Diversity
College Student Speaks Out Against the LIBERAL Takeover of American Schools!
Horrifying Alleged Sex Cult at Sarah Lawrence College
Students  at  IOWA State told to write 9/11 ‘historical account’ from Al-Qaeda’s point of view
Millennials are entitled, narcissistic and lazy - but it's not their fault: Expert claims 'every child wins a prize'
The University of Wisconsin-Madison Male college students to undergo ‘critical self-reflection’ of masculinity
Liberal coddling presents a threat to college campuses
Student government hosts ‘non partisan’ get-out-the-vote event with Chelsea Clinton
Rating College History Textbooks, Part I: The Least Biased Books
Rating College History Textbooks, Part II
Rating College History Textbooks, Part III MOST BIASED
University of Idaho to Offer Students College Credit for Playing Pokemon Go
‘Radical Islamic Terror’ is a non-existent term on my campus
Michigan State police department dedicates unit to protect and defend — against bias
California University Wants Your 4-Year-Olds To Touch Each Other And Watch Porn
At UNC Chapel Hill, 17 departments have zero registered Republican professors
Law schools dominated by Democrat professors
Calif. Gov. signs law requiring colleges to offer 'free' abortions
Oxford University gives women more time to pass exams
If Women and Gender Studies are the Future, We’re Hosed.
UTexas drops national test measuring what students learn over 4 years of college after dismal scores
The amazing 1969 prophecy that racial preferences would cause the exact grievances of protesters today
High school bans American flags to be 'inclusive'
Report: 1,000 D.C. Public School Teachers Are Not Licensed
World ISIS Plans Attacks On Kindergardeners
New students at Pomona College were welcomed to campus with posters in their dorms giving instructions on “How to be a (Better)
        White Ally” and stating that all white people are racist.
When unions march lockstep with Democrats
Free Online Courses from Hillsdale College
Just A Quarter Of Americans Can Name All 3 Branches Of Government
Williams College says it can retroactively apply new sexual-consent policy
Wellesley Student Creates Database of Professors Who Commit Micro aggressions
Here’s seven of the most absurd ‘academic’ studies of 2016
Education Features Life
Middlebury encourages leftists to threaten violence
Former Harvard Med School Dean: Mandatory Diversity Statements for Faculty Must Go
Yale dean loves diversity except for ‘white trash’
Yale University teaches students ‘counter narratives around whiteness’
Obama family’s tennis coach among dozens charged in college admissions scheme
Busted: Obama Family Linked to College Bribery Scandal as the Kids Tennis Coach Accepted Nearly $3 Million in bribes
Iowa State University offers scholarships that exclude white applicants
Students at San Diego State University can earn extra credit if they take a quiz to determine their level of “white privilege.”
University of Mississippi Ends Fraternity Retreat Early After Participant Threw Banana Peel Into a Tree
Grinnell College Feminist Prof to Teach Course Lamenting American Whiteness
Social Justice Journalism Grant at Brandeis U. Excludes White Men
Brown University will offer segregated student dinners for black, Muslim students
Debt and Taxes: How Immigration Is Changing Our Schools
No, the Google manifesto isn’t sexist or anti-diversity. It’s science
Getting Back To "Bourgeois Basics"?
7 Tips For Sending Your Child Off To College.
Fordham University Mandates Use of Students’ ‘Preferred Pronouns’
Minn. schools remove 'To Kill a Mockingbird,' 'Huckleberry Finn' from curriculum
Fractured Fairy Tales and other flights of fancy finding their fantastic and far-fetched fables in a Michigan Classroom near you very soon.
Washington State To Teach Transgenderism To Kindergartners
Michigan Schools To Let Students Choose Gender, Name And Bathroom
South Dakota could be first state to BAN transgender students in restrooms
High school history teacher is fired after telling students that military personnel are the 'lowest of the low'
Evergreen State’s student newspaper includes no-whites-allowed opinion section
US Marshals arresting people for not paying their federal student loans
FBI unveils ‘violent extremism’ video game to educate teenagers
University of San Francisco to host blacks-only student orientation
University offers Segregated housing
Medieval Studies scholars deem field too white
California School Bans “Racially Insensitive” National Anthem
Study Finds Conservative Students Fear Backlash for Talking Politics
Portland Community College to devote an entire month to 'whiteness'-shaming
Only a Third of 8th Graders Can Read
Are colleges too politically correct?
‘Ideological Fascists’ Rule U.S. Campuses From Their 'Ivory Tower'
Professor at Kent State University faced investigation by the FBI for connections to ISIS
Professor Watch list
SEXIST Profs: Boys are better at physics because they play ‘pee games’
Evergreen State would be renamed ‘Social Justice Warrior PC Indoctrination Compound’
Philly Teachers Plan A Full Week Of Black Lives Matter Lessons
University holds Whiteness Forum
Public School Social Justice Factory
Are 1 in 5 Women Raped at College?
University of Kansas students are being offered buttons spelling out their preferred gender pronouns
Class of 2015     Only 54% with a full time job
Spelman College offers scholarship for ‘campus LGBTQ advocates’
Harvard Computer Science Students in Trouble for Dating App With Only Two Genders
Harvard to Endow Chair in Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Studies
13 percent of Harvard 2015 graduating class identify as Gay, bisexual or something else
There’s a rehab for Millennials struggling with ‘failure to launch’ syndrome
The 25 highest-paying jobs you can get with a bachelor's degree
The highest-paying majors at 15 of the best-value colleges in the US
20 college majors where the pay goes nowhere
Most successful college dropouts
The Bribe Tribe: Corrupt coaches and profit proctors who 'made millions off parents in college admission scandal Operation Varsity Blues' head to court as they face 20 years in prison
After 2-Year Legal Battle, School Lets Students Pass Out US Constitutions
Over 100 schools now offering transgender medical coverage for students
The 20 highest-paying jobs for women
The 25 highest-paying jobs you can get without a college degree
Higher Education: No Safe Spaces for Conservatives
EXCLUSIVE: The Antifa Professor Who Celebrates Dead Cops Has A COMMUNIST Grading Policy
Marine barred from high school graduation walk because of uniform
Ohio State Lectures Students On ‘Islamophobia’ Just Three Months After Islamic Terrorist Attack
The Obama Administration Descends (Further) into Lawlessness in the Battle over Transgender Students
'Department of Education! You raise 'em! We raze 'em!'
Eighth-graders struggling with basic U.S. history, civics
University of Texas issues 29-point checklist on offensive Halloween costumes
Evergreen State College Lecture Equates Free Speech Fight With White Supremacy
Professor At America’s Worst University Praises SEVERING THIEVES’ HANDS Under Sharia Law
tenured Wheaton College professor who said Christians and Muslims worship the same God
How we graded the states on teacher background checks
FL school caught BUSING students to Clinton rally
Teacher Accused of Bullying Middle School Student About Trump, Fox News
'Teacher shortage!’ alarms: A union lie from the start
Man trashes American flags from 9/11 memorial at Columbia University College
'Keep your mouth shut': New York teacher's union reps caught on camera 'suggesting how to cover up child abuse in school'
High school super sorry about Hitler, Stalin, ISIS yearbook quotes
University to Spend $400K Studying Academic Performance of Stoned Students
Minnesota elementary school bans Valentine's Day, Thanksgiving and Christmas to be more inclusive
9th-Grader's Homework Was to Make an ISIS Propaganda Poster
Parents Furious After Teacher Gives Students Homework Filled With 'N-Word'
Parents' dismay as principal bans all use of 'Christmas' and 'Santa Claus' – and Thanksgiving
Ohio teachers union officials are paid TWICE as much as teachers
School Officials Shred “Oppressive” Pocket Constitutions
Students Arrested for handing out pocket U.S. Constitution
OAKLAND University Trains Staff to Use Hockey Pucks to Thwart Active Shooters
Outcry at California school after students are asked to draw the Prophet Muhammad
Tennessee Teaching Islam in Public Schools
Blacks Flunk
UCLA: Coddling Hamas TERRORISTS on Campus While Trampling the First Amendment
Snowflakes 101: University of Arizona
"Free Speech is Violence?"Liberal Professor
GVSU Black, Hispanic students attend exclusive early orientations
Grand Valley State University now offers a program to “advance the work of racial justice, advocacy
Profs discover 5 new types of 'invisibility microaggressions'
Prof advocates for the 'queering of higher education'
Title IX Complaint Filed Against RADICAL PROGRESSIVE DEMOCRAT Prof Who Called for ‘Miserable Deaths’ of White Senators
Broken discipline tracking systems let teachers flee troubled pasts
Ignored History: Columbus Sought to End Islamic Tyranny
Students told to report 'negative reactions' to 'Safe Place'
75 percent of Yale professors identify as liberal
Another College’s Pro-Life Group Sees Its Signs Vandalized
'White guilt' video shown to high school students
Kentucky schools censor 'Charlie Brown' Christmas
California Bans Students From Traveling To ‘Anti-LGBT’ States
Charlie Brown Christmas BANNED in Kentucky Schools
Foolish Kentucky School Censors ‘Charlie Brown’ Christmas — Don’t Give in to Christian-Hating Spiritual Terror
California Will Give Free High School Diplomas To Kids Who Flunked Out
New OBAMA AP Standards, ‘American History Will Not Be About America’
Detroit Illiterate
Eighth-graders asked if they were gay during bullying workshop
Don't blame teachers for murders
For Young Entrepreneurs, College Debts Can Snuff Out Start-Up Hopes
Oh, the Things You Can Get College Credit For Today!
Emote, Protest, Get Naked for Your Professor, and Get Credit
Public School Students Taught To 'Pledge Allegiance To An International Flag'
1 in 4 Flunk
Rutgers student fired from campus newspaper after writing ‘illegal alien’ in column
Obama: 'If Catholics Have Their Schools and Buildings and Protestants Have Theirs ... That Encourages
More Foreign Graduates to Compete for STEM Jobs Under Newly Unveiled Obama Rule
Failing schools escape takeover despite no improvement
‘Free college’ is the gateway drug to socialism
Colleges Are Breeding Grounds for Civil War
7th Graders in Tennessee Made to Recite ‘Allah Is the Only God’ in Public School
Age of Mass Delusion
AP U.S. History Text: White, Christian Americans Finding It ‘Difficult to Adjust’ to Becoming Minority
Idaho School Boards Association’s plan to track parents who complain when schools violate parental rights
Most 8th Graders Score Low on US History, Civics
America’s history doesn’t exist.
Foreign students at US universities CHEAT more
Parents who read to their children before bedtime, claiming it could give your kids an “unfair advantage”
Pearson makes money even when its results don’t measure up.
College Board’s AP U.S. History Ignores Valor and Sacrifice of America’s Military
Tenure Creates Such A Mess
Schools are removing analog clocks from classrooms because kids can't read them
Tucson High School Forces Students to Attend Pro-DACA Rally
University drops math as graduation requirement as it mulls new diversity requirement
Wayne State drops math as general ed requirement
The Six Classes That Will Make Any College Grad Employable
Univ. of Wisconsin symposium to teach how to become ‘a thief in the university’
The Big Problem With the New SAT
Yale University students signing 'petition' calling for the First Amendment of the US Constitution to be repealed
Honors Night Canceled
White Privilege Conference Workshop Pushes GRADE SCHOOL LESSON About ‘Genderqueer’ ‘Transgender Folks’
Philly school district registers 800 students speaking 40 languages from 70 countries...
Cornell dean says ISIS welcome on campus
Chicago school district allows transgender student access to girls' locker room
Florida Memorial University Awarded Trayvon Martin Posthumous Degree in Aviation
More than 1 in 5 California public school students are non-English speakers...
University required students to submit sexual history
Air Force veteran banned from Ga. college for protecting U.S. flag from protesters
Campus ‘Sustainability’ Indoctrinates College Students
College textbook paints Reagan as sexist, conservatives as pessimists
Who is on the right side of history?
School Discipline Rates Must Be "Proportionate"
Fraternity members from two universities 'taunted disabled veterans, urinated on the American flag
Florida textbook outed for ‘reshaping history’
Little Marxist Students At Chapman University Deface Reagan, Thatcher Statues With Accusations Of
     “Racism”, “Homophobia”…
Students shouldn't call themselves 'American'
U.S. schools are destroying the middle class
Teacher who earns almost six figures for nothing sues to get back to work
Yoga classes have been banned at a Canadian university because of “cultural genocide… due to colonialism and western supremacy”
Wisconsin schools introduce masturbation in fourth grade
Law School Allows Students to Skip Finals Due to Trauma of Mike Brown & Eric Garner Decisions
Library Use?
Academics Expose LEFT WING ‘Grievance Studies’ Field by Submitting Hoax Papers to Journals
Harvard Students to Protest 'against white supremacy'
Georgetown Prof: White Male GOP Senators Deserve ‘Miserable Deaths,’ Castration
College bans flags in wake of US election results
Cop in uniform is tossed from a college classroom by an 'uncomfortable' teacher
The 11 Most Politically Correct Moments on College Campuses in 2014
College Board still hiding behind its revisionist American History
Illegal immigrants squeeze school budgets
four-word substitute for college and university speech and sexual assault codes
Profs call for LGBTQ 'activism' by admins in the South
Parents Outraged After Drag Queen Named “Jessica L’Whor” Speaks at Middle School For Career Day
CHINA is trying to 'win without fighting': American universities are being infiltrated
Professors Operate Program Intended to Brainwash ‘Straight White Men’ to Make Them ‘Social Justice Advocates’
California group looks to flush transgender ‘bathroom bill’
University of Colorado Bans Free Inquiry of Students Questioning Global Warming
NEA awards profs $600K for 'social justice education' courses
Socialist Professor Forces Students To Recite Anti-Republican, Anti-American Pledge
Is Yale Really Elite If Its English Majors Never Read Shakespeare?
Students have no right to wear American flag apparel because some Mexicans might be offended
Teachers Union 'Political Thugs'
Oberlin students want to abolish midterms and any grades below C
Social Justice Activists At Posh Sarah Lawrence College Demand Cash For ‘Emotional Labor’
LIBERAL Professors
Brown University Provides Programs for “Unlearning Toxic Masculinity”
Homework assignment for a Texas girl: Draw yourself as a slave
DEMOCRAT CONTROLLED Detroit Public Schools: 93% Not Proficient in Reading; 96% Not Proficient in Math
College discourage Sports, Sex, Business Majors...


Wyoming to Block Next Generation Science Standards over Man-Made Climate Change

51% of Democrats do not know that the Earth goes around the Sun, once a year!

University of Michigan course teaches need to boot ‘morally perverse’ capitalism

Baby Daddy Biology Assignment at Michigan High School
Middle School: Poster Listing Sex Acts
‘School of No’
Common Core standards will be the ObamaCare of education
1 in 4 Americans unaware that Earth circles Sun
Hillary says she would close HALF of America's schools
website grades companies on Common Core
Common Core in-sync with American Humanist Association’s ‘guiding principles’
American Humanist Association--Good WITHOUT a GOD
Too Many Kids Are Coming to College Unprepared
Oxford University extends time for maths and computer science exams in bid to help WOMEN get better grades
Bill Gates’ Reckless Meddling With U.S. Education Through Common Core
School superintendent ABSURD $663,365 salary
Victimization Culture at Reed College
Students Reported to Campus Thought Police for Glaring
Census: More Americans Now Live With Parents Than With Spouse
‘Problematic’ Phrases ‘British Values’, ‘Islamist’ Banned in the Classroom by Political Correctness
Too Many Black Students Suspended Leads Oakland Schools to Stop Punishment
Arabic version of Pledge of Allegiance at Pine Bush High School
The Decline Of A True “Liberal Arts” Education and “Diversity” Indoctrination
USC students required to detail sexual history before registering for classes
Professor Praises China’s Authoritarian Government
NEA union targets homeschoolers for new government restrictions
Convicted Domestic Terrorist Teaching at U. of Illinois
University students are struggling to read entire books
Colleges Struggle Financially After Refusing to Uphold Free Speech Principles
How private schools make the children of the wealthy wealthier
‘ALL COPS ARE BASTARDS’ SIGN Shows Up At Nation’s Largest Teachers Union-Funded Protest
Teachers unions contributions
College taking steps to admit transgender women
GAYest college in America
Berkeley Press Conference — School Officials Flee in Fear (Video)
Antifa Activist and NY Professor Suspended for Dead Cops Tweet
Teachers union spent millions on baseball, retreats and food
University of Texas to Treat Masculinity as a 'Mental Health' Issue
The numbers that show how private school pupils still dominate our society
High school history teacher sparks outrage after 'stomping' on American flag in a lesson about First Amendment
U. California students remove offensive American flag
California School Tapes 8th Grade Students’ Wrists, Put Them In Dark Room For Slavery Lesson
Trinity College professor calls white people ‘inhuman’: ‘Let them f-ing die’
$500K: Baltimore Schools Under Fire for Wild Spending Spree (That Included a Trip to Hooters)
How Baltimore City Schools Spent Some of Their Federal Stimulus Money
George Washington University YAF Smeared as Hate Group for Resisting LGBT Sensitivity Training
Condom giveaway to 6th graders
Wisconsin district to allow trans students to use whatever bathrooms, locker rooms they choose

The Quiet Revolution Rolls Forward -- The Frankfurt School
Revisionism: How to Identify It In Your Children's Textbooks

Can you pass a world history test?

School under fire for transgender kindergarten lesson

Three Pie Charts That Prove You Shouldn't Slack Off in College

Students in South Seattle speak 167 different languages...

College Board still hiding behind its revisionist American History


Univ.. of Michigan cancels ‘American Sniper’ Screening After Students Call It ‘Anti-Muslim’

Why Teachers Only Get A Fifth Of The Money Taxpayers Spend On Their Schools

The worst colleges and universities for free speech

University gives students protesting tips

San Francisco elementary school removes boys' and girls' bathrooms and makes them gender neutral

Portland Teachers Given Credit for Watching Racist “WHITELANDIA” Film

Saint Louis University to erect monument honoring anti-police protest

Finally, a college cracks down on the left’s snowflake fascists

Justice Department to Investigate Harvard's Admissions Process

Northern Michigan --'Gag Order' Put NMU On List of Anti-Free Speech Campuses

Politically-Challenged: George Mason University

Students Don’t Know about the Holocaust and WWII


GOP plan to cut college tuition by 25% wins praise; others cautious

US schools get failing grade for financial literacy education

Virginia School Board Member Compares Transgender Rights To Desegregation

How Does 1960s High School PE Compare to Today?

Michigan Teachers Union Uses Sneaky Tactic To Keep People From Leaving

D.C. Public Schools homework assignment asks 6th graders to compare Bush to Hitler

75 percent of black boys in the state failed to meet the state’s reading and writing standards

6-year graduation rates at many HBCUs lower than 20 percent

Why Google is no substitute for learning things off by heart

Students in Ontario will start sex-ed classes in FIRST GRADE

Prisoners of The Blob Why most education experts are wrong

University Offers 'Cry Closet' For Stressed-Out Snowflakes...

Suicidal Germanwings pilot who killed 149 people when he flew his plane into French mountain struggled in US flight school,
failed a major test, but was STILL Promoted

Free College Has a Price, as the UK Has Proven

Teacher Union dues are over $2 Billion per year. Over half is  donated to LIBERAL Democrats.

How many college students major in fields which are unmarketable skills and then can not get a job?
Black History, Ethnic Studies, Women's issues, Migrant Studies, Environmental Studies, Gay Studies even art,  music, philosophy  have a limited job market in the real world.  



California schools will be required to allow students to play the sports they feel are most “consistent
with his or her Gender identity,” meaning students can sign up for whatever sport they want to play
regardless of their sex at birth. This rule extends to bathroom use as well.

Students are incurring massive student loan DEBT   $1.5 TRILLION

Where You Go Is Not Who You'll Be: An Antidote to the College Admissions Mania

7 most valuable college majors for the future

Which College Degrees Will Earn You the Most—or Least—Money?


Petroleum Engineering


How Obama and Holder Changed Broward County Law Enforcement & SCHOOLS for Racial Reasons

Reversing Broward County's School-to-Prison Pipeline, BUT STUDENTS LESS ACCOUNTABLE

A Common-Sense Strategy for Protecting Schools

FLASHBACK: CBS Reported Clinton’s ’94 Assault Weapons Ban Didn’t Prevent Columbine

Columbine survivor introduces bill to expand concealed-carry in schools

Parkland Florida school massacre panel recommends ARMING teachers


Between 1985 and 2011, average tuition nationwide increased 498 percent—more than four times the rate of general inflation (114 percent) as measured by the Consumer Price Index (CPI).

Here’s how much more expensive it is for you to go to college than it was for your parents

The lingering cost of higher education: U.S. states with the highest average student loan debt, revealed

The Real Cost of Student Debt on Millennial Happiness

Should College Come With a Money-Back Guarantee?

Are Doctors Rich? $$$ Physicians vs. UPS Drivers

31 million Americans who started college and never finished

The Great Recession reshaped the conversation in higher education to focus more on workplace skills and value

Freshman Year For Free

19 Military Lessons

Military Jobs

How to Become a Registered Nurse in the Military

Army Medical Job Descriptions

Army Construction Engineer-heavy equipment

LINGUIST--Marine Corps

US Military Fitness Test Requirements



“The vast majority of community college enrollees drop out…fewer than 60 percent of students complete degrees within even six years at the schools where they first enroll.”

How Our Education System Fails Most Students

Worst College Majors for JOBS

The Labor Market for Recent College Graduates-- Underemployment

Labor Market Outcomes of College Graduates by Major

College Debt vs. Education Choices

What Germany Can Teach the U.S. About Vocational Education

Coding boot camp

Toughest jobs to fill in 2017

Popular Fields of Study and Their Occupational Paths

50 Highest Paying Jobs in the United States





This is a State and Local ISSUE


States being bribed to accept Common Core with MASSIVE Bonus Payments

Who controls the past controls the future. Who controls the present controls the past. George Orwell

He alone, who controls the youth, controls the future--Adolf Hitler

Politically Correct Controlled narrative

REwrite History,  Philosophy, Climate science FACTS, the Constitution and Morality at the touch of an Ipad?   1984  Deja vu

Common Core Is Advancing a Left-Wing Agenda

Bill Gates Tacitly Admits His Common Core Experiment Was A Failure

History, American Democracy, and the AP Test Controversy

Math Education Org Prints Articles Using ‘Math for a Certain Social Agenda’

Textbook sales leader says national Common Core education standards are 'all about the money' as teacher insists bureaucrats created a 'new f**king system that f**king sucks to sell more books'

Former Pearson Exec Reveals Anti-American Agenda in Common Core

Common Core School Assignment FORCES Students to Make Islamic Prayer Rugs, Recite Muslim Prayers

Mother Stunned at Her Daughter’s Class Assignment on ISLAM

AP US History Battle Worse Than Common Core

WATCH This Mom Destroy ‘Common Core’ in Four Powerful Minutes

It Takes this Teacher 56 Seconds to Explain 9+6=15 Using Common Core

Hiding Common Core’s Damage: New SAT

Thanks, Common Core: ACT Scores for Class of 2018 Worst in Decades

Priceless: Student Sums Up Common Core Idiocy in a SINGLE Word

‘INSANITY’: Check Out This Math Problem Using the ‘Old’ Way and the ‘Common Core’ Way

Dozens of professors label new AP history framework ‘grave risk’ to students

New AP European History framework ignores religion, snubs Churchill, whitewashes communism

Elementary School Kids Taught that America’s Founding Fathers Were Racists

Beyond disturbing: Look at what a Common Core approved book is teaching children about Barack Obama…

Truth in American Education

Common Core’s double whammy

If Anything, Common Core Teaches Kids to Hate the Constitution

Common Core in Action: 4th Graders Made To Read About The Black Panthers

Redesigned American History framework deletes Martin Luther King, Jr. from lessons

Common Core Standards Opposed by Majority of Americans

Lies, damned lies, and the Common Core

Ivy leaguers sign 'petition' to repeal First Amendment

administrators at Vassar College agreeing to shred the Constitution

How Bill Gates pulled off the swift Common Core revolution

Gates Foundation pours millions more into Common Core

Revised American history classes ignore Holocaust and MLK, include Black Panthers

The Ten Dumbest Common Core Problems

Common Core-Approved Workshop Teaches Sympathy for Hamas TERRORISTS

50 points for doing nothing

Common Core Approved – Black Lives Matter Textbooks

The Cult of Common Core: Obama's Final Solution for Your Child's Mind

Virginia high school students are asked to write 'There is no god but Allah'

Obama’s DOE Broke The Law To Get Common Core In Schools


Common Core math problem asks kids to write the ‘friendly’ answer, instead of the correct one!

National Sexuality Education Standards Core Content

Dumbing Us Down: The Hidden Curriculum of Compulsory Schooling

Common Core In Traverse City, Michigan

AP U.S. History

Hillsdale Says it Was Excluded from Dept of Ed's 'College Scorecard' Because it 'Doesn't Count Students By Race'

Stupid Common Core math worksheet

Federal Official Admits Obama’s DOE Broke The Law To Get Common Core In Schools

St. Paul schools spend millions on ‘white privilege’ training

this Common Core math question the worst

The Top Five Reasons Teachers Unions Need to Change

Don't Give Obama More Power Over Schools

Tucson Teacher Fights for Right to Speak Out Against Common Core

Let’s Destroy Liberal Academia

Few Americans Favor Federal Government’s Role In Education

Common Core Problems


Obamas opted their children out of high-stakes standardized tests

Bill Gates loves Common Core for your kids, BUT NOT HIS

High cost of Common Core has states rethinking the national education standards

Putting a Price Tag on COMMON CORE

2nd Amendment Edited in Textbook

California School PSA Baits Kids to Steal Guns from Parents


Crimes of the Educators: How Utopians Are Using Government Schools to Destroy America's Children

See what they’ll be teaching in the Chicago public schools

Tea Party Group Pressures State to Repeal Common Core

FREE Speech?

NEA: Trojan Horse in American Education

Army officer is told not to enter his daughter's high school because he's wearing his uniform

Sexually Explicit Book Recommended by Common Core Standards

Insane Common Core worksheets

Teachers complain Common Core

Trump: ‘Common Core Will Be Ended, and Disadvantaged Children’ Will Go to the School of Their Choice

Some Americans are ignorant and proud of it!

4 out of 3 people struggle with common core math

HOME SCHOOLING--the original self-directed learning environment.

CHARTER SCHOOLS--choice in education


Hillsdale College's Charter School Initiative and the Reformation of Classical Public Education


Common Core is funded by the liberal Gates Foundation
2+2 Does not have to equal 4 ??????
Alaska, Kansas and Texas have opted out of common core


The Politically Incorrect Guide to American History

Common Core=Big Government Central Federal CONTROL with strings attached and unintended consequences from unelected unaccountable bureaucrats. No STATE or Local control or recourse.

People do not want radical left wing propaganda in the public schools, they want quality education.

Guide to the GOP 2016 Candidates: Common Core






Socialism: Fabian and Marxist Socialism

The Fabian Society: A Blueprint For The New World Order




If You Can't Sell Your Hysteria to Adults, Try Kids



Common Core Is Advancing a Left-Wing RADICAL Agenda


Rescuing Our Kids from Public Schools

“Democracy requires a patriotic education.”

The Danger of "Public" Education

A Rebirth of Liberty and Learning

Communism's 45 goals to destroy the United States...


5-Year-Olds Forced to Participate in Walk Out for Gun Control by Teachers

Obama Praises Indoctrinated School Children for Holding Weekly Protests Against Global Warming Junk Science

TODAYS College students don't know what Nazi stands for

Do College Students Hate Free Speech?