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Putin aims to join the world's leaders for Life

Putin signs new 'President For Life' law that allows him to serve two more terms in the Kremlin and stay in power until 2036

Entire Russian Government Resigns to Make Way for Putin Power Grab

The power crazed Crook in the Kremlin

Russia and China Tell Weakling Biden at the Same Time to STAY OUT of Crimea and Taiwan – Warn Him of “Playing with Fire”

Putin ‘Wins’ Constitutional Amendment Vote, Can Rule Russia Until 2036

VLAD’S NUKE ISLAND Russia ‘sends supersonic nuke bombers to military base it’s setting up on Caribbean island’

Putin successfully tests Russia's new 'invulnerable' hypersonic missile that is 'impossible to intercept'

Russia's anti-Western propaganda campaign is a declaration of war

Russia to Deploy Precision Strike Missiles in Western Atlantic

Intel Experts Claim the US Was Hit By a “DIGITAL PEARL HARBOR”

“US Hit By Massive Cyber Attack Of ‘NIGHTMARE PROPORTIONS’ – US in Grave, Grave Danger!” — Cyber Expert Morgan Wright Reveals Frightening Extent of Latest Cyber Attack (VIDEO)

Microsoft discovers SECOND hacking team dubbed 'Supernova' installed backdoor in SolarWinds software in March - as Feds say first Russian 'act of war' cyber attack struck at least 200 firms and US federal agencies

Suspected Russian Hack of U.S. Systems Far Worse Than Originally Believed, Say Investigators

Russian hackers conducted 'dry run' of its massive cyber attack - raising fears they have had access to SolarWinds software for more than a YEAR

We must retaliate': Acting Intelligence Committee Chair Marco Rubio says the US should hit back with 'more than just sanctions' after Pompeo confirms Russia WAS behind the cyber attack branded an 'act of war' by senator

'Ready for conflict': Putin's threat to the West is laid bare in new footage showing build-up of troops and military convoys on Ukraine's border as Kiev warns it could be provoked by Russian 'aggression'

Vladimir Putin’s fearsome special unit of TANK ROBOTS will go into action 'soon' in the Russian Army amid fears of war in Ukraine

WW3 WARNING Planet closer to catastrophic World War III than at any time for SIXTY years

Russia’s Nuclear Surge: Putin Adding Nukes While Obama Cuts

Top US General in Europe: Russia, Syria are ‘Weaponizing Migration’ to Break Europe

Moscow To Set Up Military Base In Caribbean

Russia's Hypersonic Waverider Weapon

Russia Plans to Field New Hypersonic Boost-Glide Warhead by 2019

Russia, China, and the US are in a hypersonic weapons arms race

Russia: We’re deploying missiles to Crimea&
THE UNSTOPPABLE BOMB Putin boasts Russia has developed an intercontinental nuclear missile that can’t be stopped or shot down by any country’s defense system

Chess not Checkers – Russia, Via Vladimir Putin, Push Islamic Extremists Out of Syria Into The EU…

Gen. Petraeus accuses Putin of trying to re-establish Russian Empire

Putin Gives Order For Russian Weapons Able To Penetrate US Missile Shield

NATO assembles its biggest military build-up since the Cold War as more troops are deployed in eastern Europe to deter Russia

Russia begins air strikes in Syria

Russian subs 'dangerously close' to U.S.

Russia Building Nuclear-Armed Drone Submarine

Russia Is Building ‘Doomsday Torpedo’ To Hit Coastal Cities

Facebook says Russia-linked ads that reached millions of Americans continued to 'sow division' and undermine Trump – not Hillary – even AFTER the 2016 election

How to Think About Vladimir Putin

Russia Fast Facts

Russia military acknowledges new branch: info warfare troops

Russia is more dangerous than Isis

US Navy Ship Encounters Aggressive Russian Aircraft

What were a Russian sub and bombers doing near France?

Russian strikes again expose US disarray

Why the Russian Economy Is Tumbling

Russia DEMANDS America stop flying air strikes in Syria as it begins launching air strikes of its own

Vladimir Putin’s real target: the world’s oil supply

Russian military considers return to Cuba, Vietnam

Russia's Hostile Measures

US aircraft carrier scrambles fighter jets to intercept approaching Russian bombers

Don't mess with nuclear Russia, Putin says

Russian bombers penetrated U.S. airspace at least 16 times

Russia Mounting Massive Show of Force in Russian-Occupied Crimea and Ukraine (VIDEO)

'This crisis has the potential to escalate into a pan-European or world war': Russian military analyst claims Moscow's build-up of troops and tanks on the Ukrainian border

Russian Ships Near Data Cables Are Too Close for U.S. Comfort

What if Russia Killed the U.S. Power Grid During the Polar Vortex?

Haley: Russian Nerve Agent in UK Harbinger of 'Frightening New Reality'

Russia warns of 'new military confrontation' in Europe

Russian 6th-generation fighter will employ powerful lasers to burn enemy missile

The most worrisome effect of Russia’s election meddling

Moscow Could Be Prepping for Space War With Aggressive New Satellites

Russian Bombers Flew Within 40 Miles of N. California Coast

UK And US Accuse Russia Of Hacking Home Routers In Global Cyberattacks

Russia’s ‘Power Projection’ in Western Hemisphere is ‘Deeply Troubling’

Top U.S. Admiral warns fleet on Russia, China: ‘Be ready to fight NOW’

Russia and NATO 'actively preparing for war'

Russia Setting up Air Base in SYRIA

Second Russian satellite seen stalking US spy satellite

Top US general: Russia is most dangerous threat

Putin claims new 'invincible' missile can pierce US defenses

Putin boasts new strategic weapons will make US missile defense “useless”

Pentagon Confirms Russia Has a Submarine Nuke Delivery Drone

‘Huge Influx’ of WUHAN Coronavirus Patients Hits Moscow as Support for Putin Collapses

Mystery Surrounds Explosion of Nuclear-Propelled Missile in Russia

Russian Oil Firm Could Sign Fuel-For-Diamonds Deal In This African Nation

Is Russia Hiding Another Chernobyl?

Anti-Putin Demonstrations Erupt Across Russia

Freedom in the World

Russia: Thousands of Anti-Putin Protesters Turn Out for Fourth Week of Demonstrations

Russia’s nuclear underwater drone is real and in the Nuclear Posture Review

New photos show Russia's building up its military on NATO's doorstep, but the alliance says it won't be intimidated

'Secret Russian space experiments' puts US on ALERT

Russia Claims It Now Has Lasers To Shoot Satellites

WAR GAMES Vladimir Putin tests terrifying new anti-ship missiles by blowing up a fleet of warships

Here Are the New Russian Weapons Putin Just Showed Off

Why Is Russia Aiming Missiles at China?

Mystery Russian satellite's behavior raises alarm in US

Russia Expands Military Presence in Syria

Obama has turned Putin into the world’s most powerful leader

Russian Scientist Working on Coronavirus Vaccine ‘Falls Out’ of 14th Floor Window

U.S. Fighter Jets Intercept Russian Bombers Near Alaska


Vladimir Putin’s Hitlerian Mind

Xi Jinping Vows to Maintain Stranglehold on Russia’s Diplomacy

Second Russian found dead in Britain...

Teenage Girl Arrested after Defying Russian Riot Police by Reading the Constitution During Moscow Protests

Russia Flight Tests Anti-Satellite Missile

Russia announces it will deploy its ballistic Iskander missiles in Europe

19 Chinese and Russian Military Planes Enter South Korean Air Defense Zone

Russia says it has launched two ballistic missiles in the Arctic Ocean from submarines

Ready to trigger Armageddon: Putin test-fires FOUR nuclear intercontinental ballistic missiles from submarine in fresh show of strength

Russian fighter jet gets within 10 feet of US Navy plane

Russian Navy Conducts Biggest Drills near Alaska Since Soviet Era

Russia Moves Nuclear-Capable Missile Launchers to Ukraine Border

French navy spots Russian nuclear-armed submarine off coast

Russia fires its radical hypersonic 'super nuke' warhead

Russian Nuclear-Armed Drone Sub Threatens US

The real hunt for Red October: Major US operation to track deadly Russian subs lasted for weeks off the East Coast but found nothing as US Navy warns the waters are no longer a 'safe haven'

Russian planes 'carrying troops' arrive in Venezuela

Russia threatens to use 'nuclear force' over Crimea and the Baltic states

Russia launches its first missile-laden ‘combat icebreaker’ warship which increase presence in the Arctic

Russia's Geography Problem


A photographer visited the abandoned towns around Chernobyl

Polish president warns Germany of Putin's 'empire' ambitions

Russians Claim No 'Sustained' Threat from Gas Explosion That Rocked Research Lab Containing Smallpox, Ebola

Seven Questions for Young Socialists

Seven 'Great' Marxist Leaders

6 Great Marxist-Inspired Economic and Environmental Disasters

Russia launch CYBER warfare?

Russian missile spotted being carried by near-space jet during military tests is a 'mock up' of an anti-satellite rocket which
'will be ready for war by 2022'

'Russian aggression': Sweden to reconstitute armed forces over feared attack

French Intel Doc: Russian Forces ‘Enable’ SYRIA'S Bashar Assad’s Offensives

Inside the Ring: China’s Ukrainian Jet Engines

Putin could be readying for war, calls Russians back to Motherland

Russia Building Nuclear-Armed Drone Submarine

Russia's increasing influence in Cuba stirs ghost of Cold War

Russian anti-satellite weapons are the 'new reality' and warns ALL US satellites are at risk

Siberian Military Drill Boasts over 95,000 Russian Troops

Russia, China, Iran, Syria and Cuba Support Each Other in Fight Against U.S. Sanctions

Up To One Million ‘Cannibal Ants’ Trapped In Soviet Nuclear Bunker Have Escaped

Vladimir Putin – $70 billion

Hundreds of Russians Protest Vladimir Putin for Second Time This Week

We Need to Start Treating Russia Like an Adversary

Security Sources: Iran, Russia Launch ‘Reprehensible’ Cyber-attacks on UK Universities Studying Coronavirus

Latest Russian hacking threat: Planting kiddie porn

Russian Police Major Falls to Her Death After Testifying Against Former Boss

Russia Sent Tanks to Separatists in Ukraine

Russia’s nuclear industry becomes a global power

Mattis: Russia Has Chosen To Be A ‘Strategic Competitor’ To NATO Rather Than Play Nice

The US Is Shutting Down A Russian Consulate Near A Major Navy Nuclear Arsenal

Putin is building alliances around the world

Russian President Vladimir Putin pays visit to Crimea in a submarine

New Russian weapon can travel 27 times the speed of sound

Russia's bombers to conduct regular patrols, ranging from the Arctic to the Gulf of Mexico

Russian Analyst Calls For Nuclear Attack on Yellowstone National Park

Russia has more deployed nuclear warheads than U.S.

Baltic states spend big on defense as Russia buzzes borders

Russia ‘Steadily Expanding Military Influence’ in Africa

Russia Seeks Access to Bases in Eight Countries for Its Ships and Bombers

Russia Increasing Arctic Long Range Air Patrols

US faces renewed challenge from Russian navy

Russia is on the verge of taking control of a US oil company CITCO

Putin wants a ‘Dark OPEC’ to control global oil and gas markets

Russian Strategic Bombers Near Canada Practice Cruise Missile Strikes on US

No Wonder Why Vlad is Glad! He Thinks We’re a Joke


Russia 'preparing for war' against Britain and NATO as Ukraine conflict escalates

NATO warns of 'very serious' Russian military build-up in Ukraine...

U.S., allies scramble jets almost daily to repel Russian incursions

Russia prepares militarization of Arctic

U.S. blames Russia for cyber attacks on energy grid

THIRD Russian doctor plunges from Covid hospital window: Medic, 37, is now fighting for life... just days after warning of PPE shortages and being forced to work despite being infected

Third Russian Health Worker Falls from Window After Criticizing Coronavirus Response

Russian presidents could be made immune from prosecution under proposed constitutional reforms

Police and MI5 WILL look at 14 deaths in Britain US intelligence think are linked to Russian activity

Obama Says "Argue With Neighbors, Get In Their Face"

Obama fund raises while Putin runs amok

Russian troops seize hospital, missile base in Ukraine's Crimea

Home> U.S. 'Trojan Horse' Bug Lurking in Vital US Computers Since 2011

The struggle over Ukraine resembles the preface to World War I

PUTIN threatens Saudi Arabia

Russian media company recruiting US journalists ahead of 2020 election

Russia Replacing Makarov with Pistol Capable of Piercing Titanium, Steel

Russia Is Targeting The U.S. Military With Fake Facebook Profiles Of Gorgeous Women

Russia resumes advanced weapons sales to China

Russian Jets Run ‘Attack Scenarios’ on NATO Ships

Armed Russian fighter jet comes within 5 feet of US recon jet

Putin's US nuclear hit list revealed: Russian state TV names Camp David as the top location the Kremlin would target with 'unstoppable' hypersonic nukes which can strike in just five minutes

Vladimir Putin is set to win referendum "vote" that will allow him to RULE Russia until 2036 when he will be 83

Russians deny being source of radioactive leak in northern Europe

Britain Says It Sent Warplanes to Intercept Russian Bombers

Davos: ‘Russian Spies’ Disguised as Plumbers Attempting to Install Surveillance Equipment Caught by Police

Putin mocks the West and threatens to turn off gas supplies

Russia’s Intent to ‘Drive a Wedge and Undermine our Democratic Values’

The combined death tolls of WWI (37 million) and WWII (66 million) exceed communism's total by only 9 million.

U.S. military reliance on Russian rocket raises security fears

Alexei Navalny was poisoned with NOVICHOK: German scientists have 'unequivocal proof' he was given nerve agent used by GRU in Salisbury attack

Is Putin getting away with poisoning another political opponent?

German Typhoons have intercepted 7 Russian Air Force combat planes

France helps Russia

Russian Intel Ship Spying on US Missile Submarines

Russian Boldness Revives a Cold War Tradition: Testing the Other Side

5 Reasons Government Will Never Work the Way Socialists Believe It Will

Russian fighter jet comes just FIVE FEET from colliding with a US Navy plane

Russian spy ship spotted off US coast

Putin ends ban on delivery of S-300 missile system to Iran

Russia has developed a cyberweapon that can disrupt power grids

Russian arsenal - lasers to shoot down enemy drones

Russian Submarine Test-Fires ICBM

Russian 6th-generation fighter will employ powerful lasers

Russia ‘secretly practiced full-scale invasion of Europe

Press freedom is eroding around the world

Oswald met KGB agent in its assassin division in Mexico City's Soviet embassy two months before JFK was killed

Russia Starts Construction on New Iranian Nuke Plant

NATO Blames Russia for Collapse of INF Treaty

Putin Is Funding Green Groups

Russian Military Spy Software is on Hundreds of Thousands of Home Routers

Footage of ‘Russian election rigging’ as Vladimir Putin wins biggest ever victory with 75 per cent of votes

Putin: Russia's post-Soviet tsar

The world is descending into tyranny

These Photos Show What It’s Really Like To Live In Russia

Second Russian Nuclear Plant Shuts Down Generators After Malfunction

Putin’s Bitch

How RICH is COMMUNIST Vladimir Putin?

Russian trust in Putin plunges to 39 percent

The True Story The Hunt For Red October

Reactor accident on Soviet Submarine K-19

Arctic radiation pollution fears as Russia's 'floating Chernobyl' nuclear power station arrives at its permanent home

Defection of Soviet Pilot Cpt. Alexander Zuyev to the West in 1989

Soviet Disasters in Space

11 Worst Soviet Aircraft

Kursk Submarine Disaster

Europe’s tallest skyscraper St Petersburg

Russian hackers are targeting hospitals and power grids in Denmark and have moved missiles that can now strike Copenhagen

Russia Has Turned Kaspersky Software Into Tool for Spying

Putin has transformed Russian army into a lean, mean fighting machine

Putin’s quiet Latin America play

Russia and China vie to beat the US in the trillion-dollar race to control the Arctic

Russian-funded environmental group gave millions to anti-fracking groups to BLOCK AMERICA ENERGY INDEPENDENCE

World Anti-Doping Agency calls for ALL Russian athletes to be banned from Rio Olympics after 'mind-blowing level of corruption' is revealed

Putin's 'youth army' swells from 40,000 recruits to 190,000 in just one year as Russia continues to strengthen its military

Russia Accused of Jamming GPS Signals During Major NATO Wargames

St. Petersburg, Russia Concert Choir Sings of Bombing USA: “On a Submarine… With a Dozen Megaton Bombs… Set the Target on Washington”

Russia doping scandal

Russia doping decision shames world sport

Russian Ambition Tops World-Changing Arctic To-Do List

Russians petition for return of Alaska

Russia Bans George Soros’s Open Society Institute

Will you surrender to tyranny or will you stand against it?

Why Germany Engaged in an Unwinable WWII





Top Iran general says Destroying Israel 'achievable goal'

State Dept: Iran Remains World’s Largest State Sponsor of Terror

Iran's Sprint to the Bomb

German police uncovered a massive Iranian SPY and ISLAMIC Terrorist network operating across 22 European cities

Iranian Opposition Reveals Another Undeclared Nuclear Site in Iran

China, Iran Sign 25-Year Agreement Hoping to Reduce U.S. Influence in Middle East

The "Maximum Pressure" on Iran's Regime

Iran Roundup for December 2019: Tehran’s Regime Loses its Top EU Cheerleader, 900 Protesters Murdered, 13,000 Arrested

Saudi Arabia: Drone attacks knocked out HALF its oil supply--9/2019

Iran’s General Salami Says Destroying Israel ‘Achievable Goal’

Secret document that PROVES Iran was building a nuclear weapon as far back as 2002 - even while they claimed the technology was only for peaceful purposes

Iran-Backed Militia Storms U.S. Embassy in Baghdad Chanting, 'Death to America!'

President Trump Speaks After Airstrike Kills Soleimani, Puts Terrorists on Notice – “We Will Find You, We Will Eliminate You” (VIDEO)

Before U.S. Drone Strike, Fears Soleimani Was in Iraq to Lead Coup, Arrest President Salih and Takeover U.S. Embassy

Former al-Quds Leader Soleimani Planned and Financed Terrorist Attack on US Benghazi Consulate — Resulting in 4 Dead Americans

GENERAL David Petraeus: Eliminating Qasem Soleimani More Significant than Killing Bin Laden or Al-Baghdadi

Iran’s Soleimani Hired Mexican Cartel Associate to Assassinate Saudi Ambassador on U.S. Soil


Iran Claims Revolutionary Guard Seize Foreign Oil Tanker, Crew

Iranian Military Commander Threatens U.S. Carriers With Ballistic Missiles

Iran’s Zarif: Cannot Rule Out Possibility of War with Israel

Flashback: Democrat Senators Took Money from Iran Lobby Before Vote on Obama’s Nuke Deal — Iran Threatened to Out Bribed Officials

Iraqi Badr Corps Chief Who Led Today’s Raid on US Embassy in Baghdad — Was Once Invited to White House by BARACK OBAMA

SORRY BARACK: US Arrests Hadi al-Ameri — The Badr Corps Chief and Terror Leader Who Met with Obama in the White House

Drone Blast KILLS TOP LEADERS — al Quds Leader Soleimani and Abu Mahdi al-Muhandis Leader of Kata-ib Hizballah Who Attended Raids on Embassy

Quds Force Leader Qassem Soleimani’s Death Marks Huge Blow to Iranian Regime

A Terrorist Kingpin Bites the Dust

Fact Check: Iran’s Qassem Soleimani Responsible for Hundreds of American Deaths

Former al-Quds Leader Soleimani Planned and Financed Terrorist Attack on US Benghazi Consulate — Resulting in 4 Dead Americans

Iranians Celebrate! Thank President Trump for Killing Soleimani Using Hashtag #TnxPOTUS4Soleimani

Iranian-Backed Terror Leader Qais Khazali — Responsible for Numerous US Soldier Deaths in Iraq — Leads Violent Protests at US Embassy in Iraq

Dem Senator Chris Murphy – Who Lashed Out at Trump Following Soleimani’s Death – Is Frequent Speaker at NIAC Council – the Iranian Regime’s US Lobby House

CNN Military Analyst Shreds Senate Democrat For Criticism Of Soleimani Strike: ‘Just Be Quiet’

Missile attacks on US bases weren’t Iran’s real revenge on Donald Trump
Iran’s extraterritorial activities, or what US President Trump 
chooses to call its “malign behavior”, which dates to the
Islamic Revolution of 1979 and found expression in Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini’s idea of the “Export of Revolution”.

Iranian-backed Militias Open Fire on Civilians Refusing to Go to Ceremony for Dead Terrorist Soleimani (VIDEO)

U.S. hit Iran with punishing sanctions after bloody November crackdown on protesters

Cornered: TRUMP Sanctions cost Iran ‘$200 billion surplus income’, proxies storm U.S. compound in Iraq

Iraqi protesters storm US Embassy in Baghdad, shouting ‘Death to America’

Iranian-Backed Militia Kataib Hezbollah STORM US EMBASSY in Baghdad! — US Soldiers Trapped Inside — Iraqi Security Absent

Iran identifies 35 US targets in Soleimani revenge plot

Biden In 1996: “ACT OF WAR” If Iran Attacks U.S. Facility (VIDEO)

PERFECT! What a Fitting End: Dead Terrorist GENERAL SALAMI Carried into Tehran in American-Made Chevy Truck

Ignored by Liberal Mainstream Media: Iranian Regime Bribed Funeral Attendees with Free Meals

Iranian Parliament Allocates $223 Million to al-Quds Forces to Avenge Soleimani’s Death

Iran to Push On With Missile Program After U.S. Sanctions

Iran Tests Ballistic Missiles Capable of Carrying Nuclear Warhead to Europe

Iran announces sharp rise in enriched uranium production


Iran to Increase Uranium Enrichment In Violation of 2015 Nuclear Treaty

Iran has accelerated enrichment of uranium

China promises ‘relentless efforts’ to save Iran nuclear deal after US drone strike on Qassem Soleimani

China pumps billions into ISLAMIC TERRORISTS Iranian economy

Why Iran has got China wrong: Beijing will follow its own playbook

Iran says it has built third underground ballistic missile factory

Iranian Spy Service Threatening, Blackmailing Global Media Outlets

Iran 'is six months away from having NUCLEAR WEAPONS' --6-2019

Iran insists its missile tests do not violate nuclear deal

Iran tests long-range cruise missile

Iran video threatens missile strikes on UAE, Saudi Arabia

Iran pays $830 million to Hezbollah Islamic Terrorists

Iran’s Bitcoin interest should have the world concerned

Iran Protests Update: Police Shoot Democracy Protesters Point Blank in the Street – The World Leaders Must Condemn Oppression!

Iran-Allied Leftists Take Back Argentina amid Economic Meltdown

Iran Guards Commander Ready to Back Palestinian Forces

Pompeo at the U.N.: ‘Iran’s Missile Testing and Missile Proliferation Is Growing’..

Thank Trump: Protests Break Out in Iran Over 50% Gas Hike and Rationing

Iran: Trump’s $200bn Sanctions Have Wiped Out Obama’s $150bn Nuclear Deal

E.U. Finalizes Deal with MUSLIM TERRORISTS Iran to Evade U.S. Trade Sanctions

Iran may be using ‘weaponized' apps available on the App Store and Google Play to spy on MILLIONS
of people around the world

State Department Urges Social Media Companies to Suspend Iran Leaders for Cutting Internet Access

Iran Hackers Hunt Nuclear Workers, US Targets

UN Report: Iran Helping Resurgent Al Qaeda as Bin Laden’s Son Rises to Leadership

U.S. Warship Destroys Iranian Drone in the Strait of Hormuz

Iraqi TV: Top Iranian Commander Qassim Suleimani Killed in Baghdad Strike

Germany’s Love Affair with Iran About More than Greed

Iran abandons 2015 nuclear deal after Soleimani’s killing

Arrest of Iranian SPIES in U.S. Just ‘Tip of the Iceberg’

Leaked Video from Iranian Protests Shows Brave Iranian Woman Climbing Lamp Post, Tearing Down “Death to America” Sign as MASSIVE CROWD CHEERS

Iranian Regime Fires on Female Democracy Protester! — Iran Daily Report: Protests Continue as The World Begins to Take Notice

Donald Trump Signs Executive Order Restoring Sanctions on Iran

This 2015 Tweet From General Flynn About Soleimani is One Reason Why the Deep State Targeted Flynn For Ruin

General Soleimani was betrayed by fellow IRGC members!

REVEALED: Photos taken by US Special Operations show the body of General Qassem Soleimani and his wallet in drone strike wreckage after they tailed him to prove he was dead

Iran Fired Ballistic Missiles at US Troops at Al Assad Base in Iraq — 30 Missiles? — At Least Two US Bases Targeted

LEFT-WING EU Remains Committed to Iran Nuclear Deal Despite Missile Attacks on U.S. Bases

“What Did He Want Him to Do? Invite Soleimani into the Wine Cave?” – Kellyanne Conway DESTROYS Pete Buttigieg on Watters’ World (VIDEO)

Envoy: Iran Done Attacking U.S., ‘We Are Not Seeking Nuclear Weapons’

President Trump Reveals Iran Planned to Attack Four Embassies

Ukrainian Airlines Plane Carrying 180 Passengers Crashes after takeoff from Tehran, Iran

IRANIAN MISSILE Took Down Ukrainian Plane that Exploded After Takeoff from Tehran Airport

RUSSIAN MADE Iranian Missile System Shot Down Ukraine Flight, Probably by Mistake

Iran Reverses On Boeing 737 Crash, Admits Shooting It Down 'Unintentionally'

Iran Claims Black Box Memory on Ukrainian Plane ‘Damaged’


Pete Buttigieg Accuses Trump and US of Role in Shooting Down Ukrainian Plane in Iran! — Go to Hell, Pete!

Justin Trudeau: Evidence Shows Ukraine Airliner That Crashed in Iran – Was Shot Down by Iranian Surface-to-Air Missile (VIDEO)

Trudeau: Intelligence Suggests Passenger Plane Was Shot Down in Iran, Maybe 'Accidentally'

Ukrainian Officials Want to Search Debris for Russian Missile at Iran Plane Crash Site After Seeing Photos on Internet

Iran's Options in Showdown with America Are All Bad

White House sent encrypted fax to Iran through the Swiss Embassy in Tehran that warned it not to escalate just hours after Soleimani was killed in an airstrike

Pompeo Blasts Ayatollah: 'No One Has Damaged Persian Culture More Than the Islamic Republic'

US gives Ukraine president ‘important data’ on deadly plane crash in Iran

Iran Bulldozed Crash Site and Removed Virtually All Pieces of Downed Ukrainian Plane

Iran Caught Using Bomb Sniffing Dogs to Scrub Crash Site for Any Remains of a Missile or Explosives

Iran Says It ‘unintentionally’ Shot Down Ukrainian Jetliner

Iran Finally Admits it “Unintentionally” Shot Down Ukrainian Airplane Because of “Human Error”

PATHETIC John Kerry Is Upset That President Trump ‘Ruined’ The Iran Nuclear Deal

Did Iran Shoot Down Ukrainian Plane on Purpose? New Evidence Suggests This May Be the Case

Protesters in Tehran clash with riot police as they demand the Ayatollah RESIGNS and call for regime change after Iran finally admits to shooting down jet and killing 176 people

It’s just insane to blame Trump for Iran’s downing of Ukrainian plane

Britain's ambassador to Iran is ARRESTED for 'inciting' protesters in Tehran during clashes with riot police as they chant 'Death to liars' and demand the Ayatollah RESIGNS after country admits shooting down jet, killing 176 people

Iran Protesters Curse Soleimani, Chant 'Death to Khamenei!'

Iranian Protesters Let Loose With Soleimani Hate

Donald Trump tweets in English and Farsi that he stands by the 'long-suffering people of Iran' and warns Tehran 'the world is watching' as protesters demand the Ayatollah's resignation for the 'unintentional' jetliner missile strike

Iran Police Disperse Student Air Crash Protesters

High-ranking pro-Iranian militia commander shot dead in Iraq

THOUSANDS of Student Activists in Iran Risk Death to Protest Regime, Chanting: “Soleimani Is a Murderer!”

Anti-government protesters in Iran face off against police in tense video

‘Death to the Islamic Republic’: Hundreds of Iranians Take Streets Against Regime

PROTESTERS RISE UP AGAINST IRANIAN REGIME — VIDEOS: Protesters Chant, “Death to Dictator!” and “Our Enemy Is Here, They Telling Us Lie by Saying it Is America.”

Congressman Who Lost Legs to IED Walks to Podium to Torch Dems for Being 'Cowards' After Soleimani Hit

Iran Agrees De-escalation ‘Only Solution’ to Solve Crises

Defying Police, Iranians Protest over Plane Shootdown--KILLING 176 PEOPLE

‘Death to the Islamic Republic’: Hundreds of Iranians Take Streets Against Regime

Protesters in Iran Walk on Poster of Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khamenei

Iranian Protesters REFUSE to Step on US and Israeli Flags at Protest — Walk Around Giant US Flag on the Ground!

Iran Regime Attacks Protesters–At Least One Gravely Wounded by Gunfire

Trump Warns Iran Not to Kill Protesters

President Trump’s Tweet in Farsi Is Most Liked Persian Tweet in History — Obama Turned His Back on the Iranian People

Seb Gorka on Trump Doctrine: Beijing, Pyongyang, Moscow, Tehran ‘Now Know’ America’s Strength

Brutal torture methods - including pepper spraying genitals, pulling out finger nails and stringing prisoners up in agonizing 'chicken kebab' position - are revealed in Amnesty report on 'Iranian interrogation tactics'

Democrat Leader Nancy Pelosi WILL NOT Support Iranian Freedom Protesters

Iranian anti-regime protests enter third day after Tehran admits it DID shoot down passenger jet - as singer and film director back protesters and two state TV hosts quit over military 'lies'

“I am One of the Oppressed Women of Iran who They Have been Playing With for Years” – Iran’s Sole Female Olympic Medalist Defects then Tells Off Ayatollah

IRAN ROUNDUP for January 9th thru 12th: IRGC Confesses They Shot Down the Ukrainian Jet, and the Iranian Street EXPLODES! Massive Crowds Call on the Regime Leadership to Get Out

Iran's Messaging About The Downed Airliner Echoes Democrats and Liberal Media

Democrat Politicians and Media Praising Soleimani Followed By What Iranians Think of the Dead Thug

Iranian Regime Blocks Internet Access as Protests Continue

Iran: Parliament Lauds Military for ‘Heartwarming’ Admission They Shot Down Ukrainian Plane

AG William Barr Backs Soleimani Strike: ‘He Was the Head of a Terrorist Organization’

After Wicked DEMOCRAT Nancy Pelosi Defends Murderous Iranian Regime over Student Protesters — #NancyPelosiFakeNews GOES VIRAL ON PERSIAN TWITTER

OBAMA SOS DEMOCRAT John Kerry Sides with Iran over Trump – Praises Regime--

Iranian Regime Begins Blocking Internet Where Students are Protesting — And Shooting into Crowds at Anti-Khamenei Demonstrations

Trump to Mad Ayatollah Khamenei: 'DO NOT KILL YOUR PROTESTERS'

Are the Mullahs Now Facing a Similar Tipping Point to the One That Brought Them to Power?

Trump’s Economic Sanctions Have Destroyed Iran’s Will to Fight

Top Iranian Cleric Ahmad Alamolhoda Calls Student Protesters “American Puppets” – Calls for British Ambassador to Iran to be “Chopped Into Little Pieces”

Iran: Pointed pellets, tear gas, and rubber bullets fired at anti-government FREEDOM protesters

Father of Iranian Wrestler Navid Afkari Hangs His Son’s Empty Singlet Outside Their Home after Regime Executes His Son for Protesting

Fourth Day of Iran Protests Brings Student Rallies at Tehran Universities

Iran says they will send black box recorders to Ukraine for further analysis after killing 176 people when they accidentally shot down plane

Iranian Celebrities Join Protesters in Challenging Regime

Don't defend the malicious incompetence of Iran's regime

Corona Virus Spreads into Iran, as Khomeinist Regime Brass Safeguards Trade with Their Chinese Masters

Iranian minister is mocked for 'passing off child's NASA fancy dress costume as regime's astronaut suit'

US House of Representatives UNANIMOUSLY Approves Resolution Supporting the Iranian Protestors

Iran Confirms First Two Cases of Coronavirus

Iran Reports Three More Coronavirus Cases, Two Fatalities

Seven nations including Turkey and Pakistan ban people crossing the border from Iran after eight people die from coronavirus and 43 are infected

Iran Reports Highest Coronavirus Death Toll Outside of China

Iran shuts schools, cultural centers as coronavirus kills five

Iran Lawmaker: Regime Lying About Uncontrolled China Virus Spread, 50 Dead

Iranian Official in Charge of Coronavirus Response Tests Positive for Coronavirus

Iran now has the Highest coronavirus death toll outside of China, threatening the wider Middle East


Iran's coronavirus-infected health minister records video message vowing to bring outbreak under control as regime's death toll rises to 19, with another 44 cases overnight

Iranian Vice President Tests Positive for Coronavirus

Former Iranian Ambassador to Vatican and Top Cleric Hadi Khosrowshahi Dies from Coronavirus

Iran's Coronavirus Death Toll Rises to 43, With 593 People Infected

Coronavirus Deaths May Be Much Higher than Iranian Government Admitted

WHO officials say coronavirus outbreak in Iran is ‘very worrisome’

Iranian Protesters Torch Towhid Bandar Abbas Clinic Where Coronavirus Patients were Being Quarantined

Virus kills member of council advising Iran's supreme leader

Adviser to Ayatollah Khamenei becomes first senior Iranian official to die from coronavirus as opposition group claims death toll is TEN times higher than official figures

Alarming videos show Iranians LICKING holy shrines in religious tradition as country's clerical hardliners refuse to close sites despite coronavirus outbreak

IRAN PLAGUED BY CORONAVIRUS – Deaths Mounting, People Revolt Against the Khomeinist Regime’s Incompetent & Callous Handling of the Outbreak

Iranian ‘Human Rights’ Minister: Those Who Knowingly Spread Coronavirus Must Be Hanged

Even With 7 Government Officials Infected With Coronavirus, Iran Still Can't Tell the Truth

Iran's emergency services chief becomes country's highest ranking official to be infected with coronavirus, which has now affected eight per cent of regime's parliament

Iran's uranium stocks are FIVE TIMES the limit agreed under 2015 deal, UN's nuclear watchdog warns

Iran: 23 Lawmakers Have Tested Positive for Chinese Coronavirus

Adviser to Iran’s Foreign Minister Dies of Coronavirus

Two More Senior Iranian Officials Die of Chinese Coronavirus

Footage emerges claiming to show coronavirus body bags lined up in Iranian hospital - as country's first vice president 'is infected', illness affects 8% of MPs and 54,000 prisoners are released in bid to stop disease spreading

Iranian State Terror General Calls Chinese Coronavirus ‘Biological Warfare’

Iran: Over 1,000 new cases, 21 more deaths
5,823 cases

Coronavirus death toll in Iran hits 194 as 49 people die in ONE DAY while citizens are warned not to gather in large groups and Iran Air suspends all flights to Europe until further notice

Holy Iraqi ‘Scholar’ Says Coronavirus Is “Divine Punishment Against the Chinese”… Then Comes Down with the Coronavirus

Iranian mass graves 'for coronavirus victims are so huge they can be seen from space': Fears the regime's official 429 death toll is covering up scale of the crisis

Iran’s 'Worst Nightmare' Coming True: Middle Eastern Shiites Rise Up Against It

Coronavirus could overwhelm hospitals and facilities in Iran warns top government official after record 113 deaths and 1,209 new cases in 24 hours brings total to 724 deaths and 13,938 infected

Iran warns that 'MILLIONS' of its citizens could die from coronavirus
deaths in the Islamic Republic spike by 135 – a 13 per cent rise - to 988

Iran Warns Chinese Coronavirus Could Kill Millions After Branding It ‘Not Such a Big Tragedy’

Report Card: World’s Best and Worst Government Pandemic Responses

Iran Has Far More Coronavirus Cases Than It Is Letting On

WUHAN Coronavirus kills a person in Iran every 10 minutes: Tehran finally voices horrifying extent of crisis as death toll hits 1,433

Iran, Which May Be Facing Millions of COVID-19 Deaths, Remains on the Warpath

Confirmed Cases and Deaths by Country

IRAN Coronavirus Cases
27,000 CASES     2077 DEATHS   MARCH 25, 2020
74,800  CASES    4683 DEATHS    APRIL  14, 2020

Iran Kicks Out Doctors Without Borders, Claims No Need for Coronavirus Aid

Iran Throwing Whistleblowers in Jail When They Dare Tell the Truth About Virus Death Toll

Hundreds Dead in Iran After Ingesting Phony Coronavirus 'Protection'

Iran Has Lost 17 Officials, Nearly 15,000 People to Chinese Coronavirus

Iran Digs 10,000 Coronavirus Graves near Tehran but Claims Less than 5,000 Deaths Nationwide

Iran Accidentally Opens Fire On An Iranian Military Ship, Dozens Of Iranian Sailors Reportedly Dead

Iran Sinks Its Own Battleship

19 Iran Navy Sailors Dead, 15 Injured After Missile Incident in Gulf

Iranian ‘Prophetic Medicine’ Leader: Camel Urine Cures Coronavirus

Iranian Border Guards ‘Laughed’ as They Tortured and Drowned Afghan Migrants

China Touts ‘Health Silk Road’ Takeover Plan in Coronavirus-Stricken Iran

It’s Time to Quarantine the Chinese Communist Party

Iran Hints at Cyber Attack on Centrifuge Production Facility

ANOTHER fire breaks out at a power station in Iran following a string of explosions across nuclear facilities and weapons bases

Iran admits panicky missile operators shot down airliner with 176 aboard after rocket attack on US bases in Iraq

Leaked Records Show Iran COVID Death Toll Nearly Triple Official Claims

Trump Administration Announces Sanctions on Iran Aimed at Preventing Lapse of Conventional Weapons Ban

Iran Contends with Record-Low Currency Value as Sanctions Return

U.S. Treasury Department Sanctions 18 Iranian Banks to ‘Stop Illicit Access to U.S. Dollars’

Iran: Satellite Photos Show Construction at Underground Nuclear Site

'Father of the Iranian Bomb' Assassinated in Tehran

Is Iran Quietly Infiltrating Congress Through Democrats Like Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib?

Former Obama Staff Colluded With Iran to Undermine Trump

Iran Answers Biden Proposal to Rejoin Nuke Deal by Raising Enrichment


‘Turkey Has Been Hosting ISIS for Years’

Turkey Has 80,000 Soldiers on Hand for Syrian Invasion

Turkey shoots down two Syrian war planes and destroys 100 tanks as it launches military offensive against Moscow-backed regime after airstrike that killed 34 of its soldiers

Assad, Iran Warn Turkey to Stay Out of Syria as Erdogan Launches ‘Peace Spring’

Turkish invasion threatens to escalate

Turkey Orders Military To Shoot Down All Russian Aircraft, Tensions Mount

The ISIS Caliph Is Dead – But Who Was Protecting Him?

Turkey’s Erdogan Prepares Military Invasion of Libya

Turkey Threatens to Invade Greece

Ottoman Empire Redux: Turkey’s Erdogan Tells the World ‘Jerusalem Is Ours’

Turkey releasing murderers – but not political opponents – from prison amid coronavirus pandemic

Turkey sentences six journalists to prison who criticized Erdogan

Senate Passes Resolution to Formally Recognize Armenian Genocide

Turkey Begins INVASION of Libya

Turkey Launches All-Out Assault on Assad Warplanes, Airfield in Syria

Turkey Opens Border to Europe — 30,000 Illegal MUSLIM Migrants Expected to Cross into Greece in Coming Days

Europe Braces for 130,000 , MUSLIM Refugees on the Move from Turkey

Erdogan Tells Europe: Expect ‘Millions’ of MUSLIM Migrants via Turkey

Turkey Demolishes Iconic Christian Church, the ‘Hagia Sophia of Bursa’

Erdogan: ‘We are not a society that has an army – we are a nation that is itself an army’

Cherry industry files trade action against Turkey dumping practices

Michigan cherry processors request 650% tariff on Turkey

Saudi Official: ‘The Boycott of Everything Turkish Is the Responsibility of Every Saudi’

Erdogan Defends Turkey’s Military Expansion into Fifth Country: Qatar

Indignant: Turkey on Warpath over New Charlie Hebdo Erdogan Cartoon

EU warns Turkey, membership of bloc at risk as rift with France deepens






BEWARE OF CIRIN           redflagwarning.png



Obama intel agency secretly conducted illegal searches on Americans for years

Fmr. FBI Asst. Director: Farkas Exposed OBAMA ‘Conspiracy Cabal’ on Trump Surveillance

Interview Between Mika And Evelyn Farkas On Trump Spying Is A SMOKING GUN

Team Obama Gets Caught Committing Political Espionage, Spying on Trump & His Team

Former US Attorney: Susan Rice Ordered Spy Agencies To Produce ‘Detailed Spreadsheets’ Involving Trump

After shocking new evidence surfaces, Levin slams Obama admin's history of abuse, surveillance,
& politicization

Levin fries 'Benghazi obstructor’ Susan Rice for unmasking of names

Benghazi Spinner Susan Rice Exposed in ‘Unmasking’ Scandal

President Obama And 6 Admin. Officials As Possible Source Of Flynn Leaks

Evelyn Farkas’s Six Revelations about Obama, Trump, and the Deep State

Evelyn Farkas: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Fresh evidence the Russia ‘scandal’ is a Team Obama operation

Susan Rice requested to unmask names of Trump transition officials

Obama’s national security adviser Susan Rice SPIED ON TRUMP

Susan Rice 'Has a Lot of Explaining to Do' About Intel 'Unmasking'

Susan Rice Requested Unmasking of Incoming Trump Administration Officials

THE BENGHAZI LIARS Are Back: Susan Rice And Adam Schiff Are Once Again Caught In Another Huge Scandal

Susan Rice ‘Like A Sister’ To Obama

ABC, NBC COVER-UP Revelation Susan Rice Ordered Trump Aides Unmasked

Did the Obama Administration’s Abuse of Foreign-Intelligence Collection Start Before Trump?

Obama admin knew MS-13 gang members were part of illegal immigrant surge

All False statements involving Barack Obama





OBAMA'S ‘awful legacy of last 8 years’

Obama: From Libya to partisanship, it’s never, ever my fault

Obama's Real Legacy: Ten Ticking Time Bombs

Iranian Leaders: Obama Admin Secretly Recognized Our Right to Nuclear Program Back in 2011

12 Times The Obama Administration Caved to Iran on Nuclear Deal

Kissinger and Schultz: Iran deal brings region closer to Nuclear War

Obama’s race to chaos

Obama’s Former Asst. Defense Secretary ADMITS Obama Admin Spied on Trump

Chinese breach data of 4 million federal workers under OBAMA

Proof That Obama is Linked to Radical Alinsky

OBAMA Caves to Key Iranian NUKE Demands

Biden: ‘Totally Legitimate Argument’ That Iran Can Use Sanctions Relief to Fund Terror

Iran isn’t providing needed access or information, nuclear watchdog says

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu Warns Congress About Iran

Iran allowed to run nuke centrifuges at underground bunker.

Obama administration the world’s leading financier of radical Islamic terrorism.

Ex-U.N. inspector: Deal leaves Iran 2 months from bomb

Obama's capitulations to Iran

The Iran Nuke Documents Obama Doesn’t Want You to See

Iran Deal Even Worse Than Feared

We Can't Reveal Contents of Secret Side Deals

Generals and Admirals opposing the Iran nuclear deal

Future Risks of an Iran Nuclear Deal

Iran Responsible for Killing 14 Percent of U.S. Troops in Iraq

Obama Is ‘Selling Out The Country’

Obama Made ‘Greatest Military Blunder World Will Ever Know’ in Iraq

Canada Leads on Opposing Iran Deal

Iran: Obama Admin Lying About Nuclear Deal for ‘Domestic Consumption’

Iran Inches Closer to a Nuclear Bomb

IAEA Refuses to Brief Senators on Iran Deal, Even in Classified Setting

Iran Removed From Terror Threat Report As Obama Negotiates Nuclear Deal

Obama Admits: Deal Paves Path for Iranian Nuclear Breakout

Obama's Iran deal will HELP Tehran develop a bomb

The Iran Deal’s Fatal Flaw

Kerry: We Don’t Have ‘Access’ to the ‘Actual Agreement’ on Iran Side Deals

Iran Deal: Munich II

Iran: ‘Bragging’ Obama is ‘Under An Illusion’ About Nuke Deal

Iran: No Access to Military Sites

Hamas, Thanks to Iran, Just Launched Hundreds of Rockets at Innocent Israelis

Iranian Military Official: 'We Welcome War with the US'

Iran Now a Nuclear-Ready State, Missiles Capable of Hitting US

Iran Prepared for Nuclear EMP Attack on US

Ayatollah Khamenei Leads Chants of “Death to America” on Eve of US Nuclear Deal Vote

Senators Who Took Money from Iran

Iran Vows to Violate UN Restrictions on Ballistic Missiles

The Iran Deal and Its Consequences

Future Risks of an Iran Nuclear Deal

US government warns of Iranian threats to commercial shipping, including GPS interference

Khamenei urges Islamic unity against real enemies: US and Israel

Obama Just Gave Iran Exactly What They Wanted

The States Can Reject the Iran Deal

Obama Has Missed over Half His Second-Term Daily Intel Briefings

Fresh fears Obama underestimated Islamist, Russian threats

What has been the biggest debacle on Obama's watch?

Rev. Wright's Star Pupil

Why is Obama insisting on allowing terrorism-supporting, homosexual-hanging, female-circumcising Iran, to super-enrich uranium for "energy" and "medical" uses? IRAN DOES NOT NEED ANY CENTRIFUGES FOR PEACEFUL NUCLEAR ENERGY Nuclear powered countries without centrifuge enrichment: List of nations with nuclear energy but no nuclear arsenal • Argentina • Armenia • Belgium • Bulgaria • Canada • Czech Rep. • Finland • Hungary • S. Korea

Traded US Defector for release of 5 TOP Taliban TERRORISTS GENERALS
The Taliban Five are even worse than you’ve heard

Iranian ballistic missiles called Fateh-110 and Qiam-1 that blitzed US airbases can carry a 500lb warhead over a range of more than 180 miles

Iran Claims It’s ‘Not Seeking Escalation’ After Attacking U.S. Embassy and Bombing American Troops

‘Obama-Biden Policy’ to Blame for Iran Situation — Violence ‘Has Been Funded by the Iran Deal’

Missiles Fired by Iran on U.S. Base ‘Paid for by the Billions the Obama Administration Flooded the Ayatollah With’

176 Dead Include 63 Canadians, Three Brits After Boeing 737 Crashes in Iran

Iran Refuses to Hand over Black Boxes from Crashed Ukrainian Passenger Jet



Day After Meeting with Obama, Putin Bombs Syria

Obama Becoming Putin’s Poodle

Putin Warns Isis – Obama Warns School District about Girls Shower Room

Mexican gang members entering U.S